Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a list, I apologize in advance

Yep, a list.
Even the idea of having to put actually sentences together to form a cohesive thought is a bit much.
I'm sorry.

1. I have spent the day on the couch.
At one point today I had all three of my cupcakes cuddling with me.
It was wonderful.
It was sweet.
I am still sick.
I naively thought I was getting better yesterday only to be slammed with feeling MUCH worse.
Oh well, it could be worse.
I really have ZERO room to complain.

2. I bought new cold medicine today.
So exciting.
I bought this specific one because it said non-drowsy on it.
Yeah, not so much.
Thank goodness for nap time.

3. I bought the book Water for Elephants a couple of weeks ago.
I'm not that far into it yet but am totally loving it.
I love reading, like a lot.

4. Abby has been really cute lately.
Her new word is "Happy."
She likes to say it over and over again.
I love it.

5. I still haven't caught up on my blog reading yet.
The joy of getting sick right after getting back in town.

6. Sorry for not much on here, I am headed back to the couch.

xoxo, me


  1. up and feel better! It's no fun to be sick! :( xoxo

  2. Hope you feel better real quick! Rest up as much as you can! Make it a snuggle and movie night with the cupcakes!

  3. Feel better! Praying you don't pass it to the girls! K is still really sick. Ear infection, strep, and possibly pneumonia. So ready for everyone to be healthy again!!!!!!!

  4. it was nice hearing from you anyway :-) Hope you feel better soon. I am the biggest baby ever when I'm sick. I can't fathom having to think of someone other than myself during those times (having kids).

  5. Praying you feel better soon!
    Love your little one saying happy- so cute!

  6. Awww Mama, I hope you get better soon or at least I hope you're getting some relax time. Being sick is the worst!!! I just finished Water for Elephants and it was pretty good, I hope you love it!