Friday, May 20, 2011


I love Instagram.
Seriously love it.
So much so that K gets annoyed because practically ALL of the pics I take with my phone are taken with Instagram.
Sorry, honey, love you :)

This is Adison's drawing of the tooth fairy.
She wrote the sweetest letter to her asking for one of her teeth back.
Don't worry, I will be posting it later :)
Yep, I'm melting here of the sweetness of it.
It's me.
Me after a long day of life, with crazy hair.
How are ya?

After dinner last night K was reading a book to the littles and they were listening to music together.
This picture makes me happy.
See this happy girl?
I have not seen her this happy and fun and laughing and dancing for way too long.
I am beyond thrilled that she is feeling better.

This is our cat, Lily.
She is a super shy cat, she always hides when we have company over or the kids are awake.
She was laying on my the other night {which never happens} and I took the opportunity to take her picture.

It's not in her stomach anymore.
All is well right now.

The fair is in town right now.
The girls are itching to go.
In fact, it's all I have really heard about for since yesterday afternoon.
The only problem with this is that it is supposed to rain for the next week.
Sorry kiddos.
I loved the bright colors of everything and couldn't resist snapping a few pics.


  1. I still love the saga of the rock! And I absolutely love your glasses :)

  2. The toothfairy pic is adorable!! My tooth fairy and I wrote back and forth... her name was Melanie. She would leave glitter trails from the window to my hair/pillowcase. (I had the best mom ever!)

  3. Hopped over from Life Rearranged. Cute blog! And I would marry Instagram, too. Love those fair pics!