Friday, May 13, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Sorry I didn't do a GBF last week, I was sick.
Then last night Blogger decided to have issues.
So, I thought, why not do it on Friday afternoon.
That works, right?

The Good: We are going to try to go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, I am really excited and hope that it works out. The girls and I are finally *starting* to feel better. K didn't get this sickness, yippee, asthma + this sickness = disaster. Adison is almost done with school! I actually went to bed at 10:00 last night, shocking! It's the weekend, it's the weekend *happy dance*

The Bad: The little girls and I are still sick. Sigh. We are getting better, but this sickness has been going on for two weeks now and I think I have an ear infection. Oh well, brushing it off, things could be much worse, I am counting my blessings. This week has been stressful. I am just ready for the weekend.

The Funny: Miss Ainsley again. This girl is seriously funny. The really funny thing though is that she is like this without even trying. These things just seem to fall right out of her!
1. She keeps singing this song: I'm surfin' to the EFC.
{I've asked her where it's from and what EFC means, she has no clue. She continues to sing it over and over again though.}
2. I was bathing the littles this morning when Lee unexpectedly says:
Mama, Abby looks like a quesadilla, I think I'm going to eat her.
3. These things in addition to her funny robot dance she has been doing make the Cupcake household very interesting.


  1. Sorry you are sick--still! I love your kid quotes. It may be a different tune, but I'm going to have Ainsley's surfin' song in my head for the rest of the day. So cute!

  2. Adorable- praying you guys feel better quick!

  3. That child is too funny. I think she will be a comedian one day maybe!

  4. I'm sorry you guys are still feeling sick! I hope it completely goes away in time for the fun tomorrow!