Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The pooping bandit

Warning, this is a nasty one.

Last night after dinner Abby took her own diaper off for the first time.
K was on the couch and mentioned it to me.
I looked over and giggled, it was pretty funny.
She was so proud of herself!

Two seconds later I look down and see that she is squating down and she POOPED!
Not so funny anymore.
I squeal something to K along the lines of:

Honey! Abby just pooped on the floor!
No, way really!?!
Yes, she just squated on the floor and pooped!

I asked K to diaper her again since I was cleaning up the poop.
{Thank goodness for hardwood floors!}
But he got distracted.

A few seconds later I hear:
Honey, it smells like poop still.
Well, maybe it's because she just pooped???
No, honey it really smells like poop still.

Yes, folks, our darling little princess pooped on the floor again!
Then, played in it and smeared it on herself.

K starts freaking out about her having poop on herself.
So I am trying to clean her off while trying to make sure that she doesn't get it on anything else while K starts cleaning up her new mess.
This time we were not so lucky, homegirl pooped on the rug.

After pivoting in circles for several seconds I finally ask K to help hold her still so I can wipe the majority of it off of her so I can get her in the tub.

Finally, in the tub and clean all seems well and under control.
Bedtime routine proceeds, no big deal.
K and I watch a movie together.
All is well and idylic.

That is until I brush my teeth before going to bed.
I then notice the dried poop on my shirt.
To be honest, it didn't faze me.
I think after dealing with children's bodily fluids for this long, ehhh, no biggie.

K however was completely grossed out.
I may or may not have chuckled about that one.

Never a dull moment in the house of cupcakes.


  1. I was just reading some of my old emails (deleting stuff as it's very old) and I found one my friend had sent me saying she walked into her daughter's room after naptime and found she had de-diapered herself and smeared poop absolutely everywhere. The walls, the rungs on the crib. Everywhere.

  2. I needed a laugh tonight. :-)

  3. Ha I needed a good laugh tonight! Time to duct tape that ol diaper on!