Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Hi from crazy-haired me.
I am using K's computer right now, so no GBF banner.
Same thing though.

The Good: Abby and Ainsley are feeling better. The rock vacated Ainsley's body. Adison has less than a week left of school. I have been sleeping better, more sleep = happy Danna. I have the most amazing community of peeps ever, seriously. Oh, I also have some fun photos that I am going to share tomorrow for InstaFriday.

The Bad: Ainsley swalled a ROCK, seriously. This rock business feels like it has taken up most of my week. I am still coughing and not feeling quite 100%.

The Funny:
1. Me: Lee how many times do I have to ask something before you will listen?
Lee: About four.
Yep, that sounds about right for the day.
Kinda makes for a long day.

2. Since Abby is feeling better I have been seeing glimpses of my baby again {you know, versus seeing her super angry alter ego, "Screaming Banshee"}
Abby even did her Fancy Dance today.
{Please ignore my "singing"}


  1. It's amazing sometimes what kids will swallow. I loved the video, so cute.

  2. This is strange, but the video just made my uterus gasp. SO CUTE!!!! I love those cheeks <3