Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rock watch 2011 & other stuff

Here I sit.
Waiting for my darling, angelic three year old to have to use the restroom so I can sift through the debris to see if her hubby, Mr. Heart-Shaped-Rock has made his re-appearance.
{Waiting for her to poop to see if the rock has shown up.}
It was as my friend Jennifer said:

She really took the two become one to heart.

Here I sit, feeling really uncomfortable with any and all options right now.
We will have to wait and see.
Have a mentioned a time or a thousand that I am REALLY impatient.
It's even worse if the health/safety of one of my kids is involved.

Abby has her 18 month check up on Thursday and I am going to talk with our pediatrician again about this situation.
I really do trust him implicitly, I just don't trust the rock in her stomach.
Bleh, thinking about it weirds me out.
{p.s. I totally want to get a picture of her xray, I wonder if her dr's office has the film...}
By the way, HOW is Abigail 18 months!?!?!?!?!
I did NOT give her permission to grow up so quickly!

Speaking of Princess Abby-kins, she is FINALLY starting to feel better.
Last night after K got home she was smiley and happy and giggly again.
It was like having Abby back.
Although the joy was short lived because her evil tempered alter ego that I affectionately call "Screaming Banshee" made an appearance again.
I feel really bad for her, homegirl is just not happy.
Not that I can blame her, I would be too if I was being attacked by mucus.

Adison is READY for school to be over.
I am READY for school to be over.
It's time.
We were talking on our way to her school this morning about the fact that she will be done next week.
Next week!

There have been some really sweet moments with my girls lately.
{you know, when they're NOT fighting}
Abby and Ainsley have been having fun playing and laughing.
Adison is simply precious with Abby, she has a special love for her baby sister.
Adison's concern about Ainsley and her tummy melted me.

It's nice to have these quiet little snapshot moments to savor and enjoy.

Thanks everyone for you love and support and prayers with our little Lee, it means the world to K and I.


  1. Boo for the rock in her tummy. Yaay for school being out. And when you figure out how to make them STOP growing up, let me know!! Please. :-) Praying!

  2. Ah rock love. Feels great at first then socks you in the gut. Okay, mr. rock it's time to leave the "building" your evicted. (psst hope that works)

  3. I can imagine this being very nerve-wracking. I'm sorry the problem hasn't made its way through yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. Hopefully the rock gets a "move" on in the most literal sense of the word. Hopefully Lee's belly isn't bothering her with the love of her life making itself at home in there! Such a silly little girl!!

  5. Wow, you have really had your fair share of tough times lately huh? Fingers crossed the Rock makes an exit ASAP!