Friday, May 13, 2011


Yippee, Blogger is back up!
I couldn't resist joining in with InstaFriday.

She is such a silly girl.
Adison always has a laugh up her sleeve and a smile on her face.

Hubby was wanting some salsa earlier in the week.
I was making sure this was what he wanted.

Such a cool chick.
Lee loved her glasses, that is, until they broke later in the day.
I am glad that I was able to snap a photo of her posing in them earlier in the day.

Our front door.
The thing is 80 years old and I think it is gorgeous.

Ainsley and Abby decided to spill popcorn ALL over the floor.
Then, when I went to vacuum it up the vacuum wouldn't work.
Turns out a Lincoln Log piece was stuck in it, sigh.

Part of my Mother's Day gift.
It's my favorite, yum.

My sad little girl.
She wanted to play with the babies.
She got each and every one of them out.
She was happy = Mama's happy.

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  1. My dumb front door is from the 1970's not nearly as charming. Want to trade?