Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful sounds that I hear

I am in awe.
A year and a half ago we were unsure if our youngest would have her hearing.
Not that it was a big deal to us, she would still be Abigail however God had chosen to give her to us.
Hearing, not hearing, the options didn't really matter.
While there were talks about hearing aids and specialists there were also hundreds of prayers being lifted up.
For some reason, that I will never know here on Earth, God chose to restore her hearing.
Not just restore it, but return it in full.
A year and half ago the thought of hearing my child speak was merely a dream.
The idea of her hearing me sing her a lullaby or read her a book was something I didn't think would happen.
{Her hearing was so poor that you could drop a pan on the floor and she wouldn't startle or cry.}
Today though {and for many months now} that dream has been realized.
She not just talks, but talks up a storm.

Up up up
Peas peas peas {please please please}
{For some reason she likes to say things over and over again}
Kitty kitty

The list really goes on and on.

I guess the point of this post is to express my gratitude.
God has been impressing upon my heart the miracle that He performed.
The beauty of her sweet voice and her face when she hears you say something to her.


  1. God has definitely blessed you and your sweet little girl! HE is amazing!

  2. How wonderful.
    When I was 9 months old, my parents noticed what seemed to be a lazy eye. So, after MUCH testing (emotionally painful) they found that I was completely blind in one eye due to the lack of development of my optic nerve. So, even though I will be blind in that eye forever, I am SO grateful for the eye I have that does work. Probably makes me appreciate it more.

  3. What a blessing! Praise God! What a joy you guys must feel to know your little one can hear and talk up a storm!! Thats just amazing!