Monday, June 13, 2011

A weekend recap

Wow, it feels like it has been such a long time since I have blogged!
I am still not at 100% so I have spent the majority of my time resting and hanging out with the kiddos.

I feel like we have had fun stuff going on lately {you know, other than me lazing around the house} so I think that I will give a brief recap of the fun and then maybe tomorrow do a better post about what has been going on.
Friday after K got home from work he oh so casually mentioned that he overheard at the gas station that some people from Storm Chasers were going to be out Outback.
Get out of town, you have to be kidding me.
It turns out that it was the TIV team!
Yes, I got to meet Sean Casey.
Yes, I TOTALLY geeked out over it.
Well, geeked out in my head because who wants to really freak out in front of someone from television? 

It turns out that they were doing a fundraiser for Joplin.
How neat is that!?!
So, I took a BUNCH of pics that I will share later.
It totally made my day/week/month.

Adison went to her first skating party.
Sorry the picture is so blurry.
K took her and I took the littles to church with me.
K said that she LOVED it!
At first she was skating around the wall but then she really started to enjoy herself.
At one point she and two of her buddies from school were skating around the rink holding hands.
My heart totally melted when K told me that. 

Adison was invited to go to K's parent's house to stay the week so that she could go to VBS with her cousins.
We decided to surprise Adison with this and she was STOKED!
We decided to meet up with his folks at a McD's halfway between our houses.
She had no clue what was going on until she saw K's dad.
It was priceless.
The above photo is one I took on the way home.
I just love it when the corn starts to grown.
Growing corn = summer

This one I had to share just because it is so stinkin' cute!
I L-O-V-E how much she loves color and accessories.
I hope that everyone had a great weekend!


  1. awwww, that last picture is priceless! She has great taste in accessories LOL Too cute!

    Visiting from

  2. woot woot! Look at all the awesome positive stuff! I love the picture of the field. Wanna jump right in and get away. I remember skating at the roller rink. Very sweet memory :D So glad you are feeling better :D