Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Revisiting Friday

Last Friday I mentioned a fun outing that I took the kiddos on and I am FINALLY going to share it with you.
Finally, jeeze, I'm such a slacker.

I think that I have mentioned before that we just got a Children's Discovery Center here in our town.
I am eternally grateful as we just don't have that many indoor things here to do.
Considering how HOT it gets here during the summer and how COLD it gets during the winter, someplace indoors was definitely needed.

The day that they opened K ran over and got a year pass for us, trust me when I say that we will be there A LOT!
My friend Jennifer and I decided that we would wait until the following week to go since everyone and their mom was going the first few days.
Then, I up and decided to get sick so that postponed our visit even more.
Yep, I am apparently difficult.

But Friday YES Friday was the day.
To say that my kids were excited is an understatement.
We had seen this building being built for what felt like forever so finally get to go inside was very exciting.
Add that to the fact that Jennifer and her kids were going and my girls were giddy!

We walked up to the front door and even the entry way impressed me.
There was SO much to see and do.
I apologize in advance, there are A LOT of pictures.

The girls when we first walked in.
There was so much to take in I don't think they knew what to think/do/or want to do first.

Lee made a delicious cake, ha ha.

 She also dressed up as a princess.

Adison had a lot of fun playing in the cafe.

I think that the favorite of the day was the mechanic's shop.
Abby loved crawling through the tires, Adison loved working on the car and Lee liked pushing all of the buttons.

They also had a construction area.
Adison loved drilling into the wood and hammering nails.

Abby had a lot of fun driving these tractors.
There really was a lot for all ages.

They also had a painting room where the kids got to paint on the walls.
Yes, my children loved this.

There was also a section made just for toddlers.
There were things for them to climb on, a rice table and all sorts of neat toys.

We had so much fun at the center and plan on taking the kids back again.


  1. Wow that looks like a whole lot of fun! I wish we had something like that around here! We could use some indoor activities for the children in my area too! We do have the Boston Children's Museum and the New England Aquarium but those things are better for older kids than the toddlers.

  2. Very cool! The girls definitely looked like they were enjoying themselves. I think all towns need an activity center like this, the closest one to us is 1 1/2 hours away but sooo fun!

  3. Hi Danna!!, I see you guys are up to a great and fun summer!!; I have always wanted to go to discovery zone!...but it is so expensive for adults...and I know they won't let me play.. :(

    Your girls look gorgeous as always!...but where's a pic of their pretty momma??...better get in front of it every once in a while ^_^