Monday, June 27, 2011

How about some Monday randomness

Today I have lots of things {not important things, just things} to share so a random posts seems like the best way to convey all of them.

~My brother is getting married THIS Saturday! Woo hoo! I am thinking of making some hair clips for the big girls to wear. I'll keep you posted.
~Do you remember me saying a few weeks ago that I had a sinus infection and ear infection? Well, the antibiotic didn't knock it out all the way so this morning I started on a new one. All four of my sinus cavities were painful and there was so much pressure. I came down with a wicked headache last night. So, all of that plus the wedding the weekend AND a ton of family coming in equals needing to get this thing taken care of.

~Ainsley has stayed dry the last five or six nights. That's right NO PULL UP! Woo hoo!

~I am still not loving my hair 100% although it is getting better. This morning I put some curl cream in it and this is kind of what it looks like. It never looks quit the same in the photo as it does in real life. My hair isn't really that dark either. 

~I am addicted to eating avocados right now. I like to put them in a bowl, add a bit of salt and pepper then mash them up with a fork. So good! For lunch today we had black bean nachos with mashed up avocado on them. Oh yeah, I'm also kind of obsessed with black beans. 

~We  took the kids to see Cars 2 yesterday. My Dad went with us too. It was a good time. Adison proclaimed it the best movie she has ever seen. Ainsley only got antsy towards the end and Abby did about as well as we could hope for. I thought it was a really cute flick. I'm glad we saw it in the theater. Abby was really cute during the previews. They had a preview for the new Winnie the Pooh movie and she got really still at first and then when the music started playing she was dancing up a storm. K and I both concluded that we have to see it now.

~Speaking of Abby, last night after putting Ainsley to bed I checked on Abby. She was out. But I saw that her position looked kind of funny, upon closer inspection I saw this.
The picture is kind of dark, sorry. She is sleeping on top of her baby doll. Yes, that head on the right side is her doll. I thought it was just too funny to not take a picture. Poor girl was exhausted.

~Adison and Ainsley are still LOVING their lessons. I'm a little worried for after swimming is over. Maybe I will see if I can sign them up for another session. Oh and yeah, I still have not taken my camera with me to take pictures. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will remember my camera. Ugh.

~Funny story involving one of our cats. Saturday night, after K got home from a baseball game {K is my brother's best man, the game was my brother's bachelor party} a couple of flies got in the house. One of our cats, Zoe, is a fly hunter. While K and I were talking about the game she jumped straight up about three or so feet in the air to catch a fly. It was hysterical.

~Okay folks, that's it. I am off to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with the kiddos. Adison is reading the series this summer and just finished the second book. Way to go Adison!

How was your weekend?
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I wish I liked beans better than I do. They are so good for you! We are on an avocado kick here now too. Karson finally decided he liked them. Love the cashed out little one!

  2. So proud of Ainsley for staying dry at night that's a biggie! I have never tried avocado on the theory that it is green and I don't usually like green things except green beans I like them. That could be a whole blog post right there my food choices LOL.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Your hair looks super cute too, I love it. Oh and Abby sleeping on her baby doll....PRICELESS!