Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a storm, did some swimming and played at the park

Our small group met last night.
It is always a wonderful time to share, learn and be together.
There are questions asked, answers learned and life lived with some amazing people.

K and I have an app on our phones that goes off whenever there are weather warnings.
Last night it seemed to keep going off.
We would check the weather and the radar to see what exactly we were in for.
As we left we all looked up at the sky and saw something new.
I have never seen clouds like these before. 

 As K was driving home I was snapping some pics.
I mean, this sky was crazy looking.
Plus, I apparently dream of writing a weather blog or something with how many weather related posts that I write.
Sorry guys.

Back to the story.
K is driving home and I have the window down to snap some pics.
Genius right?
The wind suddenly picks up really fast and I am getting pelted in the face with sand.
Trust me when I tell you that it didn't feel good, at all.
I start telling K:
Roll the window up.
Quick, roll the window up!
I am getting hit in the face with sand.
{The windows were locked so the kids couldn't mess with them.}

He finally replied that he was trying to avoid the road sign that was flying through the air.

Oh, okay, well that makes sense.
Sorry honey.

The girls had swimming lessons this morning and did amazing!
Woo hoo!

Afterwards we went to the park with my friend Jennifer and her kiddos.
Good times!


  1. My goodness that sky looks down right scary! Glad K was able to avoid the flying sign!

  2. You're such a good mom, Danna. ALWAYS doing things with your kids.
    I have also never seen a sky like that before. Even though it meant getting pelted in the face with sand, I'm glad you got some pics. That's pretty cool.

  3. WOW! Full time Mom and Storm Chaser? Time to update your resume :)