Thursday, June 23, 2011


life rearranged

I have a well documented love of Instagram.
I seriously love it.
Any excuse I have to snap pics of my little lov-a-doves is excuse enough for me.

Let's hop into it, shall we?

I am obsessed with felt flowers.
Obsessed I tell you.
I want to learn how to make other types as well.
But these little beauties make my heart smile.

 This was the sky Monday evening.
We have been having some exceptionally crazy weather lately.
K and I were talking about this earlier in the week.
Weird, crazy stuff going on.

I know that I have shown this picture three times this week.
But it captivates me and I'm not sure why.
Sigh, my baby is growing up.

According to Ainsley, this is my new pet that she named Cain for me.
I had to pay {not really} $5 for it.
She was playing pet shop and I was apparently the customer who was looking for a lizard that likes to lounge on plastic chaise lounges.
Ainsley knows me so well.

 I blogged about this earlier.
I had 10 inches of hair cut off.
This pic was after the intial cut and I was waiting for the rest to be snipped off.

 Please ignore the towels drying from swimming lessons and the lack of make-up, it's real life y'all.

This is the pic that I sent my mom, ha ha!
I like to send her silly pictures.
No, I am not sure if I will ever fully grow up.

Okay lovelies, it is now your turn.
Head on over to Life.Rearranged and link up!
Happy Friday.


  1. Visiting from Life Rearranged. We have a few Littlest Pet Shop junkies over here as well. They are all over the place. And the pieces are so teeny. Love the haircut! I just did the same thing! :)

  2. That sky is scary. I would have been hiding out in my basement!!!! :) Love the hair cut!!

  3. The cupcake picture is so cute! Looks like you had a fun week!