Thursday, June 16, 2011

The time I lost it at Silver Dollar City

I am one of those women who love being pregnant.
Not that I have that glow, but I love the feeling of a little life growing inside of me.
Branson 2002, me with my niece

What I didn't love about being pregnant was my relationship with food.
If I was hungry and you stand in the way of my food WATCH OUT!
I was around 20 weeks pregnant with my first child {Adison} and we were on a family vacation to Branson with K's family.
It was so much fun!
This trip we decided to go to Silver Dollar City.
I had gone there as a child and remembered loving it.

So we are there, walking around, having fun when I start to get hungry.
I saw a little restaurant that had some food that looked really good.

I mentioned to K something along the lines of:
I'm getting hungry, the food their looks really good. I think we should go eat.

His response was something like:
Okay, let's go on a few more rides since the show is going to start soon and then we can get some food.

I must of agreed to this, although 8 years later I cannot possibly imagine why.
In hindsight, since I couldn't ride on anything *I* should have gone to eat and everyone else should have gone on the rides.
Dear younger pregnant self, EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY!

Everyone else goes on the rides, I sit there, hot, miserable, hungry, pregnant and becoming more bitter by the second.
My thoughts at the time surrounded by pictures of food.

A few more rides seemed to turn into EVERY RIDE ALONG THE WAY.
We were almost at something I like to call seeing red angry.
It was quickly becoming a BAD situation.

I kept mentioning my state of hunger and how much I NEEDED to eat.
But there was just ONE MORE RIDE to go one.

Needless to say, by the time that the rides were done the RESTAURANT was CLOSED.
Yes closed.
I was livid and so hungry that it was bordering hysteria.

To make matters worse, we were seeing a show at Silver Dollar City so we couldn't just leave to go get my precious food.

Then, THEN K found this kiosk that was open.
Great food I thought, only NOT GREAT.
They had Renaissance type food.
You know the kind, where you can get a huge roasted turkey leg and a little cardboard box of corn on the cob and other such items.
Did my nearly hysterical, half starved, hormonally pregnant self want THAT?

No I tell you, I WANTED the food at the other restaurant.
Not this food.

So I did what any other rational, pregnant woman {ha ha} does.
I basically threw a temper tantrum.

I don't want that food.
I wanted to food from earlier.
I want the food that I said that I want back when I said that I wanted it.
We should have eaten earlier, you know BACK WHEN I MENTIONED THAT I WAS HUNGRY THE FIRST 100 TIMES.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I did all of this IN FRONT OF K's FAMILY!

Then, K's mom {who is the sweetest woman ever} said, 
They will have cotton candy at the show, we can get you some there.

Normally I am a huge fan of cotton candy, love it, that moment though, I didn't.

I seem to recall more ranting and raving occurring, but must have blocked it out due to extreme embarrassment.

I was borderline vomitting from the need for food and that sugary stuff sounded about as appealing as the Renaissance food.
I don't remember if I ended up eating anything there.
More likely than not I didn't, I was probably past the hungry point.
You know, where you really can't eat because you are so sick to your stomach.

Yep, not my proudest moment.
I can't really claim any blame though, can I?
I can blame the raging horomones.

Looking back at this moment cracks me up.
I cannot believe that I lost it that way, especially in front of his family.
Ha ha ha, oh the memory making times.

I read this prompt at Mama Kat's writer's workshop and knew that I had to share.
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  1. How embarrassing at the time, yet so funny now! I can totally relate to the pregnancy hormone-induced rage.

  2. Awww you poor thing! I believe in feeding pregnant women often and as much as they need! Blame everyone else they should have had your pregnant back!

  3. You had every right that (thoroughly embarrassing yet very funny) temper tantrum! I wrote about this, too but yours is much better! New follower from Mama Kat :)

  4. Oh my. No, it wasn't your fault. I choose to blame...K :-)

  5. LOL, Love this story, thanks for sharing! I totally and completely understand how you must have felt. Oh and LOVE your short hair in the picture, very cute!

  6. Yes hungry and pregnant is bad very bad! I am 8 mos with #4 and your post made me think I may need another bowl of ice cream!~

  7. Your mom-in-law sounds really sweet! Hungry and pregnant is a time bomb! I cried over a milkshake ;-)

  8. ok seriously! Look at me being all technical and junk and finally figuring our why my blogger had so many issues! Yay! I can comment again on your blog!