Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I remember as a little girl wanting a sister.
That desire to have one went back as far as I remember.

I had friends growing up that had sisters and I thought that was the neatest thing.

Not that I didn't love my brother.
He and I had a wonderful relationship.

But there seemed to be something special about sisters.

When I had Adison my hearts desire was for her to be a part of this magical sisterhood.
My mom and I would talk about this.
She always wanted a sister too.
She had two older brothers whom she loved, but she also wanted to experience this.

This desire even traces back to my grandmother who also had two brothers.
She too wanted to have this special relationship.

It appears this has been a  long held family wish.

Then when we found out that Ainsley was a girl I was over the moon.
A boy would have been wonderful and our hearts would have been thrilled, but to give Adison a sister was truly magical.

When we found out that I was pregnant with Abby, I really just wanted a healthy baby.
Finding out that she was a girl there was absolutely no disappointment.
In fact, she was the cherry on top.

Experiencing having three daughters is wonderful.
I can imagine {someday} the bond that these three miracles will have.
I dream of them being best friends.

By the looks of things and with some prayer, I hope that this comes true.
That these magical children will indeed have a lifelong bond.


  1. I have four brothers I was the only girl until I was 7 I always wanted a sister too. When my sister was born I was over the moon. Our relationship has been one of the most wonderful and the most challenging relationship I have ever had in my life. I would not trade her for the world. She is my confidant and my best friend my biggest fan and my harshest critic. I could not ask for a better sister. One of the proudest days of my life was the day she placed her son in my arms it was amazing. I hope your girls grow into their relationships like we have. It has been one amazing ride with I am sure many more things to come!

  2. So so sweet! I love the picture of the girls walking away! I don't have sisters either, just 3 brothers. I do however have the best girl friends aka: adopted sisters. :-)

  3. Very sweet! Can't wait to give my little girl her very own sister!

  4. aww! My daughter wears me out. I really couldn't imagine more than one of her. She will miss out on the "sisterhood", but I might be able to keep my hair lol