Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I finally went to the doctor

I woke up this morning fever free {yippee!} but my ear was hurting and I was having a sinus headache.
I finally decided that I had had enough and it was time to go to the doctor.
Yes, I am one of those people that avoid going to the doctor when sick.
Adison slept in this morning so I didn't leave as early as I had planned to.
I am really glad that she slept as long as she did, homegirl needed some sleep.
She finally admitted to staying up late in bed reading.
I can't blame her, I was the exact same way!
Shortly after Adison woke up Abby bit it.
She tripped on a blanket and hit her head on our little indoor trampoline.
She didn't really cry much but it immediately looked awful.
Rather than freak out about it I decided to take her up to see K so that we could decide together what to do.
Everything else looked good; pupil size, not throwing up, acting fine, not sleeping, in fact she was really happy!
So we decided not to take her in but to keep an eye on it.
 Luckily the swelling started going down shortly after this picture was taken.
Ouch, but seriously she could care less.
Kids are tough!

After we left K's work I took the kids to Sonic to pick up some lunch.
We then headed over to the doctor's office.
As it turns out I have a sinus infection and an ear infection.
Yep, antibiotics.
I hope they start working quick.
My ear is hurting!
 The kids were marvelous at the doctor's office.
None of the usual shenanigans that usually occur.
Such. a. relief.
Hopefully Abby's head and my ear will be better tomorrow.
I am optimistic folks!

P.S. K is taking Adison to her first baseball game tonight!
I asked him to take lots of pictures so I can share tomorrow.
Oh, it was also a surprise for her.
I love surprising my kiddos.
She was so excited to have some time with Daddy.
Little does she know that there will be other surprise people there too!


  1. Oh I simply hate ear infections they hurt so so bad. I am so sorry you have one! I am one of those people that never had them as a child and as an adult I get them all the time. weird I know! I hope the antibiotics do their job and get you feeling better quickly!

  2. Oh I'm glad everyone is healing up, finally, hopefully. That bump is amazing! She wears it well.

    Have fun at the baseball game!

  3. Oh its just a kind of infection. ENT doctor could help you out easily. Wishing you good luck fir better health.
    -nasal irrigation

  4. That is one giant bump! What a trooper for no tears. I hope you feel better soon, you have had more than your fair share of sicknesses, geesh! I'm also saying lots of prayers for Annabelle, praying for her strength and healing!