Thursday, June 30, 2011

I was attacked by my vacuum cleaner

At least that is the story that I am choosing to go with.

I honestly have no idea how it happened.

I was merrily {ha} vacuuming our bedroom when it unhooked {I have no better way to describe it}, fell and hit me on the leg.
We have a Dyson and when you are using the attachment/hose thing the vacuum has to be standing up with the wheels locked down.
It's not that the vacuum just fell over and landed on my leg, no, a sharp corner of it sliced the back of my calf.

I felt the pain before I knew what happened and looked like a non-bleeding flesh wound appeared on my leg.
The pain and the incident quickly left my mind although K forewarned me that I would get a nasty bruise from it.
This morning though I scraped the back of my calf on our shoe basket and *pain* reared it's ugly head.

That's when I looked down and saw this:

Please ignore the weird grayish-purple color of my calf.
I have no idea why it looks like that, other than to blame it on the weird light coming through my blue curtains and the fact that I took the picture with my cell phone.
I promise that I'm not a zombie or anything.
Yes, I took a picture of my bruise and texted it to my husband.
That it is a very good question.
Um, I have no reason other than to garner his sympathy, ha ha.

I could blame my clumsiness for what happened.
Or my inability to apparently do more than 5,000,000 things at a time.
Instead though, I'll just blame the vacuum.
I think it makes the most sense.
Don't you?


  1. Yes it makes the most sense to me because I, too, have a Dyson and have been attacked by the stupid thing many, MANY times. The most recent was 4 weeks ago when it rolled into the back of my heel (while I was using the hose) and sliced it right open.

  2. I always laugh at some spoofs about a man being hit by the vacuum cleaner. But when I saw your bruise – hey, it’s not funny at all! But I think this simple incident is a lesson for you to not leave things unattended. Being more careful with things can leave you free of hurt.