Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Thrusday and I'm waiting for Friday

Not much going on around here.
I wish that I had SOMETHING interesting so say.
But, I don't.
Bleh, sorry.

Ainsley seems to have come down with a cold.
She is CRANKY and weepy.
I feel really bad for her though, it's no fun being under the weather.
She did do some painting this morning, it was sweet.

Abby is FINALLY being less cranky.
For the majority of the morning she was her sweet, happy self.
It made my heart happy.

Adison has been doing arts and crafts projects lately.
Yesterday she made everyone jewelry and then made an animal parade.
Today she has been drawing and talked about writing a book.
 Don't worry, that's not blood under the tiger, it's a painting of cute little hippo.

I am really excited, a new INDOOR childrens center just opened in our town yesterday.
I can't wait to take the girls to it.
Yippee, something fun to do on those hot, humid, miserable summer days.
Well, as well as, the cold, miserable, windy winter days too.
I am honestly thrilled.

Sorry for the boring post, hopefully I will have something fun to write about tomorrow.
{fingers crossed :)}

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