Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adison's letter to the tooth fairy

I don't hide the fact that my kids melt me, but this takes the cake and is easily in my Top 10 Melting Moments.
A while ago I wrote about Adison wanting to bargain with the Tooth Fairy.
With the way that our conversation went I naively assumed that was the end of things.
I was wrong.

When looking through Adison's school papers today, this is what I found.

It says:
Dear tooth fairy
I lost my tooth at my grandmas and grandpas hoiuse. I didn't want to give my tooth away because I wanted to show it to my class. How about this can you trade one of my top teeth for one of the quarters that you gave me and also I will give you two pennies. If you do that I wll be graceful of you. Can you put the tooth in the bag if yes. Heres a picture of you just flip to the back.
Sign if yes or no

This simply melted me.
She is just so sweet and cute and darling.


  1. That is so sweet! Does the tooth fairy have a tooth to exchange with her? I hope so she seems to really want it!!

  2. So sweet! Keep that one for when she is older. :)

  3. Love that letter. And yes, you definitely need to keep that one for the memory box. :)