Friday, June 24, 2011

She wanted a puppy not a horsey

Last evening while I was getting my hairs cut hubby was watching the kiddos.

He had been looking for something around the house when he came across balloons for making balloon animals.
Why we have these is simply beyond me.
I don't remember buying them so I am pinning that purchase on K.
When I arrive home Abby has two small circle balloons that she is playing with quite happily and K is trying to make a balloon for Ainsley.

I keep hearing:
But Daddy, I said that I wanted a puppy balloon.
Daddy, are you making the puppy balloon.
Hey Daddy, how about making a puppy balloon.

You get the whole broken record of her request right?
After having a few of them pop in K's face {they were really loud} he decided to try to make Lee something else.

You can imagine her thoughts on this right?
I hopped in the shower really quick and when I got out it was time to put the kiddos to bed.

I was talking to Ainsley and giving her a kiss when she bursts out with:

Mama, I told Daddy that I wanted a puppy NOT a horsey.
I looked at her balloon animal and this is what I saw:

Now, in K's defense I do have to say that I am sure that this poor little dog/horse got a bit twisted in the hands of our three year old.

To hear the conviction in Ainsley voice was too funny to not immediately burst into very loud laughter.

Later when I was telling K about it neither one of us could help but belly laugh.

I'm not sure what it is about the way that Ainsley says things; whether her tone, choice of words or inflection, but homegirl is seriously funny.


  1. Love it! In CO we had a balloon animal guy come to our table at a pizza place. He made K a huge fish with huge white eyes on a fishing poll, with a reel! So stinkin funny!

  2. Ha you know what I got out of this post? That I am not the only person who comes right home from a hair cut and gets in the shower! My family calls me weird for doing that! I never have them style my hair for that reason plus I can never do it like they do it anyway!

  3. lol well that's a beautiful puppy/horse lol and homegirl IS funny :D