Monday, June 20, 2011

Swims and Spills


Today finally came.
The long-awaited, highly anticipated start of swimming lessons day.
This day has been talked about for months.
And it finally arrived.
You see this girl?

She has been itching to get in the pool.
Beyond excited to try out her little sea legs at swimming lessons.

We get there and they call little Ainsley's name to join her instructor up front.
Lee's excited demeanor quickly evaporates and is replaced with a scared little girl that doesn't want to leave her mama.
I momentarily panicked then quickly told her that I couldn't go with her and that she needed to get up there with her friends.
She shocked me by getting up, heading to the pool with her teacher, grabbing her teacher's hand and walking to their section.
You could have knocked me over with a wet noodle.
She had a blast and surprised me even further by listening the entire time!

This girl here?

She remembers the joys of swimming lessons.
She all but flew out of the bleachers when her name was called and didn't look back.
That's my eldest.
Always ready for something new, for an adventure.
Adison was stoked because she is on a new level this year.
She is ready to own level two.
She did phenomenally well.


After lessons were over we headed to the store to pick up dinner for small group tonight and some other things.
I finally get the lasagna, pick up some cheese, grab a thing of lunch meat {isn't my shopping SOOO exciting?!?!} when we head over to the snack section.
I picked up a bag of chex mix to see if the girls would want that for a snack.
While I'm looking at the bag I realized that it was upside down.
So I go to turn it over to show the girls when THE ENTIRE BAG OF CHEX MIX SPILLS ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND ON MY FEET!
{I am so mad at myself that I didn't get a picture.}
After I got over the initial shock I burst into laughter.
Seriously, who does this sort of thing happen to?
Well, me obviously.

It turns out that someone opened the bag and put it back on the shelf.
Seriously, why would someone do that?

The girls were all sorts of:
Mama, are you going to tell someone what happened?
Mama, do we need to clean that up?

The little girls had been fighting the ENTIRE TIME at the store but this incident managed to lift their crankiness.
Hey, I'll take their happiness whenever and however I can get it.

I did manage to find someone who works at the store and explained the situation to them.
They seemed to think it was quite funny too.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it was an almost 2lb bag of check mix?
Yeah, the mess pretty much took over the entire width of the aisle.


  1. I am so glad the girls are loving their swim lessons! Swimming is a very important skill to have! The snack mix story is pretty funny!!

  2. oh my. The chex mix incident is funny. I did something similar. Only it was my fault...if I remember correctly. I was a nanny for a family with 5 children. The two youngest were under two and neither walked. (they are only 10 months apart.) I had them in the cart with a bag of jelly beans at Target. I'm walking along when suddenly the floor was COVERED in jelly beans. Yeah that was fun.

  3. Oh my, lol. The chex mix spill is TOTALLY something that would happen to me, that's completely my luck too :) Glad it got the girls out of their cranky states, whatever it takes right?