Sunday, June 19, 2011

An ode to my hubby on Father's Day

This guy

is my beloved

He is father to this girl

and this girl

and this girl

 He likes to make funny faces in pictures and make us laugh

He likes to cook these on this

and buy me these because they make me happy

He reads books

and he records funny noises for the kids to listen to and laugh at

But most importantly, he loves God and his family

 He makes sacrifices and always does his best for us.

Happy Father's Day honey.
You are such an amazing father and husband.
I love you!


  1. what a sweet tribute to your special guy! Hope you all have a great father's day and a good weekend!

  2. My faves are of him reading. Very cute!
    Someone tried to sell me asparagus at the farmer's market yesterday, but I didn't bite. I told her I had to take small steps, and I'd never had asparagus before. (I already bought 2 cucumbers from her. What more could she ask for after she already talked me into $5 strawberries?)

  3. Ooooh, does he give lessons? 'Cuz I would love nothing more than a surprise cupcake from my hubby!! ;)