Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Special Little Outing

After swimming lessons this morning I really wanted to take the girls out for a bit.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but knew that I wanted to do something fun and different.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I should take them out for cupcakes.
I thought it would be a special outing {we don't do this hardly ever} and a great reward for them doing so well at their swimming lessons.

When I told the girls where we were going shouts of joy could probably be heard outside the van they were so loud.

As soon as we pulled up they started shouting out their cupcake requests.
Talk about excitement.

We got inside and the cupcakes were just too cute to resist.

I was checking out all of the baked delights when I saw that they have these mini cupcakes that they call "premies."
They were just the perfect size for a pre-lunch dessert.

These are my two cupcakes {yes, I bought myself two}.
I just couldn't choose, so two it was.
The one on the left is a snickerdoodle cupcake {I am having a huge snickerdoodle craving} and the one on the right is my FAVORITE cupcake called the Billy Vanilly.
Oh my goodness, so incredibly good!

I had to post the next three pics of Abby.
She loves sweets and was tickled pink to get her own cupcake.
I was just the right size for her.
Her cupcake was strawberry and it was so cute and little and pink.

 Ohhhh, this looks good!

 Yum, it's delicious!

 Look, Mama, it's really good!
Yes, she demolished it and ate the entire thing.
Yes, she was begging for more.
Yes, I shared mine with her.
{Have you seen that darling face? I simply couldn't resist those sweet brown eyes.}
Yes, she picked the sprinkles off of her plate and ate them.
Ha ha!

 Look at that smile!
She was so excited to go get cupcakes.
She got a Billy Vanilly cupcake too, she asked for the one with extra sprinkles.
That's my girl!

Adison asked to get a Lemon Cheesecake pop.
It looked like Red Velvet inside.
She loved it!
She was really sweet and offered a bite to her sister.
It looked really good.
Adison was so cuter, she set up how she wanted me to take her picture.
I couldn't take it until it was just right.
She cracks me up.

This was such a fun outing.
It was a nice way to surprise the girls with something that we don't do very often.
They were so very sweet and grateful for this surprise outing.

I plan on taking them again for another trip to get cupcakes again.

I may or may not have gotten a cupcake for K and myself to go.
It may or may not have been strawberry for K and another snickerdoodle one for myself.
Maybe...maybe not.


  1. Next time tell me you're going and we'll go with you! It sounds and looks soooo yummy!!

  2. I wish we had a cupcake place here. Maybe we do and I just don't know it. But, I think we don't.
    I don't so much love the cupcakes as I do the frosting. Life wouldn't be worth living if it wasn't for frosting.
    You just need a little of the cake to balance the frosting so that you can have more of it :-)

  3. What a fun outing! I love surprising my girls and seeing their faces light up.

    so much fun! The cupcakes sound delish!

  4. oh yum! Our cupcake place has a sweet potato one that is sooooooo good!

  5. LOL - So cute!!! I love it! I love that you have such a good, special relationship with your girls and you can share these fun moments in what I can only imagine is a life that's probably a little bit crazy and hectic (Three girls? I did that for a year...and I was WORN. OUT. LOL!)

    Love the pictures - everyone looks so happy!! And super cute! *muah*

  6. Great memory maker!!! Those trips are the best!

  7. Hi! I came back to read your blog after last weeks life rearranged's link up, and I seriously just posted this similar post! Except we wen out for frozen yogurt. :).

    And, my daughter's middle name is Abigail. (she just turned 2!) it's bittersweet, isn't it? This growing up stuff. My Gracie is looking older every day to me!