Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday ramblings

~This morning the kids were wild, WILD I tell you.
So I did what any other stay at home mama does when her sanity is at stake:
I told the kids we were going on an outing.
I had no idea where I wanted to take them as it rained all day yesterday and last night.
All of a sudden I decided that the zoo was the place to go.

The girls and I thought this little turtle was just precious.
We stood their for a good several minutes just watching it chomp on some lettuce.

Abby was especially interested in watching it.
She kept waving at it and saying "Hi!"
Yes, she did suddenly become a toddler although I CANNOT really admit it to myself, it would just break my heart.
Instead I choose to still call her my baby.

The zoo had so many things for the kids to climb.
Abby was really into crawling on everything.
I was thrilled that she sat still long enough for me to snap some pics.

~I am seriously considering cutting my hair.
Cutting it short.
I feel like it has been long for such a long time that a change would be nice.

~I am seriously missing Adison.
Like a lot.
She has been gone since Sunday.
We pick her up tomorrow though, so that is wonderful!
I think it has been even worse as she does NOT like talking on the phone.

~I am loving blogging again.
I feel like writer's block or whatever was keeping me from really writing has been lifted.
Maybe it was my sinus infection/ear infection that was blocking my thoughts from coming through...

~I am currently craving a cupcake.
Like madly craving it.
I would also really like a frou frou, fancy coffee to go with it.
While I'm at it, how about dinner just showing up too.
I mean, why not go for it, right?

~My brother's wedding is a little more than 3 weeks away!
We are having a lot of family come in town, I can't wait.

~My house is a disaster.
Plain and simple disaster.
I have been trying to keep up with it, but Abby and Ainsley seem to have some tag-team Tasmanian Devil thing going on because it feels impossible.
Oh well, no biggie.

~I just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy.
It was really good.
K read all the books too.
I love when he and I read the same books, it is so fun discussing them.

~I think that's it...I'm off to "try" to clean my mess of a house.
I just can't handle the mess.
I'm thinking it may be time to purge toys.

Have a great weekend everyone!
What are your plans?

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  1. My goodness in that picture on the top Abby looks so much like you! I have never noticed that before! I always thought Adison looked most like you but now I think its Abby :) Glad you get your girl back tomorrow you seem like you really missed her!