Friday, June 10, 2011


life rearranged

I was a little worried at first that I wouldn't have many pictures this week, but alas, I took A LOT!
Lucky you, ha ha!

I was sick this week.
*sniffle sniffle sneeze sneeze*
I finally decided on Wednesday that I HAD to go the doctor.
The girls were AMAZING at the doctor's office!
I was so pleasantly surprised.
Thanks cupcakes!

Yesterday we decided to watch the new Narnia movie.
Both of my big girls PLUS one of our cats decided to sit ON me.
It was really sweet.
Last night Abby and I had our final fitting for our dresses for my brother's wedding.
They turned out PERFECT!
K decided to drive us there so we could grab some dinner afterwards.
This was the sunset on the way home, wasn't it gorgeous!

My shoes for my brother's wedding.
Love them!
Here is a little sneak peek of somewhere fun we went today.
We had so much fun!
My tiniest little princess and me.
She would NOT look at the camera, silly girl!

Have a great weekend and head on over to Life Rearranged and join in the InstaFriday fun!

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