Friday, June 3, 2011


I know that I have mentioned one or maybe one thousand times, but I LOVE using Instagram.
That is pretty much the only way that I take pictures with my phone anymore.

I mentioned last week that I am loving the new vanilla cupcake Goldfish, well, last night I got the genius idea to mix them with some cashews.
Seriously delicious.
Soooooo good.

 This is what our small group is working on this week.
Hubby was going to work on his and asked me to text him what chapters we were working on.
Speaking of this, I need to get crackin'

 Out of all the pics I took this week I think that this one is my favorite.
I don't know what it is about this picture that I love so much, but it makes my heart happy.

 The big girls were doing some bird watching.
There was a mama bird that wanted to go feed her babies.
The girls were keen to watch.
It was precious.

 Okay, so this picture isn't great, but in the center, do you see the triangle looking thing?
It was the tiniest little purple butterfly.
Well, the inside of the wings were purple, the outside were white.

I took this one on Memorial Day.
I dressed the kids and I in our patriotic red, white and blue.
This picture cracks me up because little Abby is my shadow.
You can pretty much bet that anywhere I am she is either there or will be shortly.
I love this stage!

Well, that's it.
Head on over to Life Rearranged and join me!
{You don't have to use Instagram, any phone pics will do.}
Happy Friday y'all!


  1. randomly found your blog last night - and here you are on the insta link up - WOOT! :)

    vanilla cupcake goldfish? i have NOT seen these. MUST FIND, PRONTO.

    a few months ago i was addicted to the graham version. this sounds even more delish!

  2. vanilla cupcake goldfish are you kidding me? Oh my goodness that sounds kinda really yummy!

  3. Have to go find those fishies for my boys!

  4. Love the picture of the girls watching the bird! I broke the camera on my phone I really need an iPhone so I can instagram!

  5. Great pictures, Danna! And, the shadow one is my favorite also! :)

  6. I liked having shadows too! Instagram isn't available on the android yet, but I hear it's coming!

  7. I don't know how I feel about the vanilla goldfish thing...I always expect them to be savory..I think it might throw me off a lot!

    Also - the holding hands picture? SO FREAKIN' CUTE.