Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Father's Day that wasn't

Poor K, today was not the Father's Day that I had envisioned for him.
Not that I am sure how *exactly* I had hoped the day would go.
I assumed {that was my first mistake} that he would get to sleep in this morning.
My hubs really likes to sleep in.

Then we would have a calm, peaceful {ha ha!} day doing whatever he wanted.
Whether that be him sitting on the couch doing nothing, him taking a nap or basically whatever he had hoped to do.

What I had hoped for and what actually happened could not have been more different.

I will start at the the beginning for you.

I was awakened this morning to the sounds of crying.
Ugh, not a great way to start the day but not abnormal either.
I hopped out of bed and got the morning necessities {aka milk and juice} when I hear Adison say:

Mommy, Ainsley took Abby's clothes off and Abby took her diaper off.
I'm thinking: Ugh, seriously.
Me: Ainsley, why did you take Abby's clothes off?
Ainsley: Mama, can I have some juice?
*Abby crying*
Me: Hold on Abby, Mama's coming.
Me: Yes, Lee, your juice is on the table.

I go to get Abby and bring her milk with me as I am expecting to have to take her sheets off of her bed and that would delay her milk consumption.
 Abby is much happier after her milk, kind of like her mama and her coffee.
You pretty much always need to have her milk ready ASAP.

 I quickly realized that the situation was MUCH worse than anticipated.

Abby has her clothes and diaper off but that's not all.
There was poop EVERYWHERE!
Her blanket, the crib sheet, the mattress pad and her Abby Ka Dabby doll.

Mental picture time:
I'm trying to carry a naked, poopy baby toddler down the stairs while carrying nasty sheets, all the while I am trying to NOT get poop all over me.
Abby is holding/drinking her milk when she either throws {which she LOVES to do} or drops her entire sippy cup of milk on the floor.
It doesn't just fall, IT EXPLODES.
Yep, an entire sippy cup of milk all over the floor and a poop covered child.
So much fun, NOT.

I called for back up, my hubby that was supposed to be sleeping in for Father's Day.
So not how I had envisioned things.

Oh yeah, did I mention that he hadn't been able to sleep last night so only managed about 40 minutes of sleep.
I was not thrilled, but mama needed a back up.

K got the milk cleaned up and got Abby a refill while I cleaned up and bathed the babe.

After all that I mention to K that maybe that means that the day will be wonderfully smooth and relaxing for Father's Day.
K is more of a pessimistt realist, his response:
No, this probably sets the standard for the rest of the day.

Yes, unfortunately, he was right.

While he did manage to get a few more hours of sleep in and we were able to go out to lunch to celebrate my hubby and the wonderful father that he is.

The afternoon though, while he slept a bit more, was AWFUL!
I am not kidding you, one of the worst.

We made it through it though and actually managed to finish on a very positive note.

K was a trooper though, no complaining about it being Father's Day and that it wasn't going quite like he had hoped.

We decided to end the evening having an at home date night.
Have I mentioned what a catch he is?

Next year, yes, next year will be a better one...hopefully...I make no promises though.


  1. Awww...what a day! Sometimes I guess you've just gotta roll with the punches..but man..that sounds nuts!

    That's what sometimes gets me down about holidays..everyone has so many expectations (myself included, the vast majority of the time!) and then it's SO HARD to live up to them that you're is no where even CLOSE to as good as all of the hype.

    Except you know..this wasn't even living up to the was just hoping that things wouldn't be covered in bodily fluids..oh dear!

    Glad you guys made it through though..and I hope you had a nice date night! :) Happy fathers day to K!

  2. Ha. Laughed so hard. Poor DJ got up with Karson at 7, and I heard nothing until I walked out of the bedroom half asleep at 10. ...oops I felt horrible, but I was really that exhausted! :)

  3. You sounds like the perfect Father's Day really. Your husband got another chance to show you and prove how incredible he is and how wonderful of a Father he is!