Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wow, is it really Tuesday?

For some reason I thought that today was Thursday and yesterday was Wednesday.
I am thinking that this is due to my weekend being so busy that there was no resting going on.

Some interesting things going on around the House of Cupcakes:

1. Ainsley keeps telling me that she feels like she has a baby in her tummy.
This goes hand in hand with asking me ALL the time who she is going to marry.

2. My once loving and delightful little sister duo are now anything but.
They like to hit each other and take the other's toys away.
I know that this is just a taste of what is to come.

3. Adison has started working on multiplication in math.
When I discovered this yesterday I think a small part of me started crying.

In other news, my allergies are in full swing.
My head feels like it could explode from the pressure.
We get so little really nice weather here though that I vow to spend as much time outside as possible.

Summer is rapidly approaching and I know that means that we will once again be trapped in the house like we were much of the winter.
I am so happy that Adison takes swimming lessons indoors.
I am hoping to sign Ainsley up as well, but the lady will not return my call and does not answer her phone.

I realized this morning that I have almost reached 300 posts.
I can't believe that I have written that much!
Thanks to everyone that reads my blather :)
Anything specific that you guys would like me to blog about???

Abby's cranky/mad face.

Feeding her baby doll.

Lee giving her baby a shoulder ride.
{Yes, there is a baby on her shoulders, it's hiding behind all of her hair}

Yesterday after school Adison had Spanish Club.
While waiting for her to finish, the littles and I went to the school's playground for a bit.

Going down the slide by herself!
When did she get to be such a big girl???

Ainsley getting ready to go down the super fast slide.

Things are going really well around here.
Just busy as usual with enough time though to enjoy the moments and not get too overwhelmed.

I hope that you have a marvelous Tuesday!


  1. I always thought if I just cherished and loved my kiddos enough they would be perfect, best friends. Unfortunately, my theory was incorrect.

    I've got a monster headache today too. I blame my fighting children. :)

  2. Don't worry too much about sisters and their fighting one day they will adore each other in a way that is deep and meaningful. They will still argue and disagree but they will never have anyone as near and dear to them than their sisters!!

  3. I've heard that if you're a real mean mom it drives your kids to be closer to each other...NO I'm not shooting for that! :)

  4. It's so true what Rachel said. My sisters and I fought all the time, and now, they are my closest friends. That is such a huge reason why I wanted another girl so bad. You're girls are so lucky to get two sisters (brothers are wonderful too) someday they will realize that.