Thursday, April 7, 2011

The beauty of now

This morning has been one of those mornings.
After the mad dash to get Adison ready and to school on time the littles and I came home and hung out.
Normally we would do our morning walk, but the threat of rain was in the air.
The clouds were big, heavy and dark.
So we came home instead.

Abby is obsessed with having the back door open.
The screen door is shut so we don't have any escaping kitties or kiddies for that matter.

I can feel a cool Spring breeze coming through and hear the birds chirping.
After having some breakfast, we grubbed on some popcorn chips and I held my girls on my lap.
It's moments like this that I yearn to have all three of my cupcakes home with me.

It's moments like these, the calm, quiet, serene moments that I remember to embrace this time of my life.
When the busyness calms down and when the enjoying can begin.
Don't get me wrong, the busyness is fun too, but seems like organized chaos.
This morning has been one of the simple pleasures.
When I can sit back and praise the Lord for the gifts that He has given us.

This world and life move way too quickly to suit my needs.
My babies really were just babies yesterday.
They will someday be young ladies.
While that chapter of my life will be filled with a beauty of it's own.
I want to enjoy the splendour of now.

Of sippy cups, snotty noses, helping with homework and putting little frilly dress up clothes on my girls.
Of holding hands, hugs, swing sets and baby dolls.
Yes, this season of life has such beauty to it too.
It is nice to have such a beautiful Spring morning to remind me of that.

"Let us keep running the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1


  1. lovely post. "This world and life move way to quickly to suit my needs." Oh yes is does!! I wish for a pause button very often :)

  2. I love how much you LOVE spending time with your kids!!!

  3. I love love love this post. It's so beautiful, and real...and just..sums EVERYTHING up so perfectly.

    And I love how much you love your girls, your life - and how your happiness shines through and is infectious.