Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is a day for rejoicing!
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is risen!

He paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we wouldn't have to.
He died and on the third day He rose again.
He is risen indeed.

This morning the girls woke up at their usual bright and sunny time.
We heard the sound of young voices yelling out to coming downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had arrived.
He didn't disappoint.

There were Easter baskets and hidden Easter eggs galore.
Through all of the excitement about candy, there was also a sense of excitement and rejoicing for what this day really means for us.

We were planning on going to church this morning but then Lee came down with really nasty, goopy eyes.
Praying this is allergies and NOT pink eye.
Ugh, that stuff transmits like wildfire.

I will forewarn you that there are a lot of pics.

The big girls gawking at their loot.

I don't think Abby knew what to think, she just kept staring.

Look! It's the Easter Bunny & I have photographic evidence!
{Pretty cute EB!}

Enjoying her first chocolate bunny while hanging out with Daddy.

Enjoying the loot!

Candy and a HUGE eraser, what could be better?

Mmmm, chocolate bunny!
She was so methodical with eating it.

Lee's favorite egg.

Sisters sharing, I had to snap a pic to savor the moment ;)

I've got more pics AND Easter egg dyeing pics for yesterday too, I think I'll share those tomorrow.

I hope that your Easter is filled with family, fun and rejoicing!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Happy Easter to you as well!

    Have a blessed and joyful day as we celebrate our risen Savior!

    Wonderful pictures.


  2. Looks like you all had a beautiful weekend!! Those girls are just adorable, you should be so proud :)