Friday, April 22, 2011


I love Instagram {as you can probably tell!}, so when I saw that Jeannett over at life. rearranged was doing Insta-Friday I knew that I HAD to join!

Happy Good Friday everyone, I pray that you have a blessed Easter!

Ainsley picked out the Easter egg dye out this year.
Are you surprised by her choice, yeah, me neither!

Ainsley {aka Snow White} hanging out with her babies Bango and Mana with some Weeble Wobbles thrown in for good measure.

Our Easter Egg scripture countdown thanks to a dear friend.
The girls LOVE it!
K and I are loving it too!

Lining up to leave before a fun trip to the Art Lab.
{A first trip for Adison, she had a blast!}

It's Spring, which means that I have an added excuse to wear even more pink blush, love it!

Mmmm, my precious.
I love cupcakes, I've mentioned that 1 or 1,000 time before.

Look it's here and it brought it's bff rain.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. We dyed eggs earlier this week it was such fun. Happy Easter!

  2. I always loved dying eggs when we were kids. So much fun.

  3. Pretty girls, pretty mama! :)

  4. We have never dyed Easter eggs! Shh! :)

  5. I have never dyed Easter eggs! I want to go back and be a kid and live with either you or Esther from Laugh With Us Blog!! I think I was a deprived child!! Ha I just saw her comment she has never dyed eggs with her kids that shocks me a little!! I still am open to moving in with either one of you! :)