Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fun

1. I am taking part in The Chatty Mommy's Friday Follow.
Come on over and join me, you know you want to!

2. I am doing my hair, putting on makeup and REAL pants today.
Wow, what?
Yep, I said it.
I am going to try doing this again.
{I have no idea why this is so light, it didn't look like that on my phone, sigh.}

3. I am so excited for tonight.
I am going to a friends house for snacks and games.
I can't wait!
4. Ainsley's elbow keeps popping and hurts so bad that she cries.
But then, it will pop again and she feels fine.
I am thinking that I might need to call the doctor about it.

5. I have mentioned Miss Getty before, but now there is a really exciting fund raising opportunity going on.
An album called Lullabies for Getty is available right now on iTunes and the proceeds go to the Getty Owl Foundation to help the fight against SMA.

Please go check this out.
Miss Getty Owl seriously melts me you guys and I know that she would melt you too!

6. Adison has her second soccer game tomorrow!
GOOOO team!

7. I am in desperate need of a cupcake, I am wondering if I can convince K to bring one home for me???

8. I don't really have a number 8 or anything else.
Instead, I will say that I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Um - I would love a cupcake, too, please.

  2. I'm going out tonight too--hair, make-up and all. Woo hoo!

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