Friday, April 1, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy doing GBF?
Well, because I totally do.
So, I have, again, been thinking about doing this as a linky thing.
Thoughts...anyone want to do that...because I could totally pick a day and do it then.
Anyone...okay, let me know :)

The Good: My cupcakes, my hubby, need I say more??? Okay, um, Adison is totally rocking on her math. Can I get a handshake and a high five? Cause that is totally what my girl gets...well that and a "Woo hoo! You got it baby!" Okay, um, Abby has not been AS cranky. She has also been really silly and funny lately Ainsley is well, Ainsley, silly, dramatic, girly. Pretty much all fun, you know, when she isn't having a tantrum. Seriously though, fun! Oh! I am sleeping at night again, thank you horomone change! {Goodness gracious, could I please put a few more exclamation marks in this paragraph!!!!!!!}

The Bad: Not too much bad going on...I posted a couple of sad/heavy/serious posts this week, not really bad though.

The Funny: Abby has a new word{s}: Stop it. At first it came out as Ssss popit, she would even clap her hands together for extra effect. It was cute and yes I tried to get her on camera. She never really said it though :( I will continue on my mission for a darling Ssss popit. Ainsley and Adison have been playing the Three Little Pigs a lot lately, is darling!


  1. I'm so glad you're sleeping well again. That makes a huge difference on how the day goes I think!