Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainbows, puppies and dancing, oh my!

Let's try this again!

I love them.
Love the colors and the meaning.
They just make me happy!
Well, fact that they mean that rain is over is such a BONUS!

I love rainbows so much that I even dress my kids in rainbow colors.
I love seeing my children so brightly dressed!
As a kid, I loved them so much that Rainbow Brite was favorite show!
{Please tell me that you remember Rainbow Brite!}

I even love rainbows so much that I put my Fiestaware in rainbow order.
Yes, I do that every.single.time.

I love puppies.
They are so cute and cuddly and darling.
K and I have often talked about getting a puppy, but with his asthma I don't forsee that happening.
I grew up with dogs and love them!


I have always loved dancing, for as far back as I can remember.
I remember as a child standing on my Dad's feet as he led me around the room.
Then when I was older, two stepping with him around my grandparent's living room.

I took dance as a child.
Tap, jazz and ballet.
Ballet though was my favorite.
I loved everything about ballet.
Especially when we got to toe shoes.

Oh my.
I loved how graceful it all was.
The fluid movements and the beauty of the form.
How I wish that I could still do it.
But, a bad knee cut that dream short.

These days though, you will often find us after dinner having a dance party.
Music turned up, kids & adults dancing and singing.
Enjoying one another and the moment.


You see, these three things make me happy.
Like, happy, glittery, flying unicorns happy.
Like cupcake happy and that is some SERIOUS happiness!

What about you?
What makes you cupcake happy?


  1. Thats sooo sweet.
    Cupcake happy Huh? Thats some happy... My kids make me cupcake happy. But even more when we travel together. Its as stressful as much as it is amazing. Ha

    Shopping.... I have a BIG problem..

    Eating a BIG meal with a BUNCH of people I love...

  2. I love love LOVE rainbows so much. FUNNY how you would too. Seriously, this long lost twin thing is getting a little creepy. You know, in the awesome way! Also, I love those plates..they're SO CUTE!!!

    What about a hypoallergenic dog?! Something that doesn't have a lot of dust/dander that isn't so bad with asthma? Dogs are lovely friends! :)

    I took dance classes for a while..but some of my favourite memories are dancing with my grandpa/dad/etc. at weddings..on the toes..haha! Although going out dancing with girlfriends is pretty fun too! :)

    Funny how we both love the same's as if..we're...long lost..twins..or something. I dunno, am I alone in thinking this? ;)

  3. Cupcake happy IS some serious beyond these things..let's see..what else..makes me happy...BBQs, sunshine, weddings (as long as there isn't craazy drama!) farmers markets, birds chirping, flip flops, the smell after it rains, or after the grass is just cut, cute summer dresses, picnics, baby animals and colourful flowers! HORRAY FOR SPRING! It SERIOUSLY improves my much! :)

  4. Ha It does not surprise me that Erin came up with the idea for this post!! I love Erin she makes me smile as do Rainbows, Puppies and Dancing! But what makes me Cupcake happy? Hmmmm lets see A good book, my nieces and nephews, and kittens!

  5. An ice cold Coke on a...well pretty much any day!

  6. I remember Rainbow Brite!!! I had the fuzzy overlay for my single bed :D I also had the green star brite doll. Now I wish i kept it.