Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm tired

We had a whopper of a weekend.
It started out at Adison's soccer game and ended with dinner with our small group last night.

Folks, I am exhausted.
Physically and mentally.

I am planning on taking it easy the rest of the day, it's needed.

So, Adison had her soccer game on Saturday.
It was really nice out, yippee!
She got to play goalie.
Playing goalie is what keeps Adison playing I think.

I love this action shot that K took.

Lee was oh so excited to get a lollipop.

The little girls and I watching Adison play goalie.

I spent a huge chunk of the day doing yard work.
Yikes, there was A LOT to get done.

After that we had church.
I know that I have said it before and I will more than likely say it again, but I LOVE our church.

Sunday was another busy day.
I got a lot of needed house work done and then we had some errands to run.
Check out this cute shirt that Abby got.

Love it!
K even picked it out, way to go hubs!

We had small group that evening and afterwards we went out for dinner together.

Here's Abby this morning while on our walk.

I apologize for not posting this weekend, but I sure was exhausted and to be honest SORE from all the yardwork from Saturday.

I hope that y'all had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday!


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy and exhausting weekend rest up! I am sure those little cupcakes of yours will keep you on your toes anyway!

  2. Your pictures are adorable! Yard work is tiring. I am so behind on mine and it will not be easy, I got winded going up my stairs this morning. :)