Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to feed a llama

Ainsley asked me during lunch today:
Mama, how do you feed a llama?
Me: I don't know sweetie, I've never fed a llama before.
Lee: Well, first you put your hand out.
Then the llama smells your hand.
Then it licks your hand.
Then it licks your hand again.
Then it eats the food off of your hand.
Then you get more food on your hand.
Then it eats the food from your hand.
That is how you feed a llama Mama.
Me: Thanks Lee, now I know how to feed a llama if I ever need to.
Lee: Yep, that's how you feed one.

Yes, this is a typical coversation with Ainsley.

She truly says the most random and funny things ever.

Earlier today I posted on Twitter another one of her gems:
Mama, would you be sad if someone put me in a telescope.
Me: Why would someone put you in a telescope.
Lee: Welllllll, some mean guy could put me in a telescope.
Would you be sad Mama.
Me: Yes Lee, I would be very sad if someone put you in a telescope.

Yesterday out of the blue she said to me:
My name is Princess Princess Princess oh Princess

{Picture from this morning.}

She is constantly cracking us up!
Yesterday at dinner we were talking about Ainsley having "zombie eyes."
She thought it was REALLY funny.
I posted a close up of her eye below, it's kinda gross though so scroll down at your own discretion.
Turns out that it isn't pink eye but some sort of eye infection.
We got her some new drops and HOPE that she is feeling better soon.

P.S. Two little ones that are dear to my heart are struggling right now and could really use some prayers.


  1. Such a sweetie! She sounds so adorable!!

  2. TEEEHEE! She absolutely astounds me and baffles and I love it!

    ALSO - She has llama feeding DOWN. This coming from a girl that had a pet llama growing up. True story. His name was Pablo. You know, like Picasso.

    PS - Have you ever read the book 'is your mama a llama' to them? LOL

    Her poor eyes - I hope that they're really feeling better in the morning - it looks so painful and sore and awww..the poor little thing! :(

    ALSO ALSO - That video? I almost died laughing. ACTUALLY. I need to come and be a fly on the wall at your house. I'm pretty sure that I would be amused. For life.

  3. Also - Just noticed - but congrats on the 100+ followers - saaaaweeeet! Good job lady! :)

  4. I am telling you if you ever want to lend me that child!! LOL I love her zombie acting...so adorable. I hope her eyes feel better soon they look really hurtie!!