Friday, April 15, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

First and foremost, I have to say a big thank you!
You guys are the most amazing people in the entire world.
I am constantly amazed by the love and support that you all shower down on me.
Not just me, but how you all rally around my little Cupcakes.
From the deepest part of my heart I want to say thank you!

I have been feeling very heart-heavy these last few days and I know that it is showing through my posts.
Thanks for wrapping me in hugs and kindness.
I am hoping to shake this feeling ASAP and get back to my light-hearted-funness {is that a word?}!

This is also my 300th post!
Yippee and Yee-haw!
I can hardly believe that I have written 300 posts.
I cannot imagine how many words that is.

I thought it would be really fitting to have this Good, Bad & Funny be my 300th.
So, without further adieu:

The Good: Abby's smashed finger is feeling much better. It looks AWFUL, but doesn't seem to be hurting anymore. I found Emma Grace's sonogram picture. I have the BEST readers {friends} in the world, seriously, you guys rock! My kids continue to make me laugh and enjoy them and life even more than I thought humanly possible. My hubby really is an amazing father and husband, I am so blessed to have him as mine. I will be seeing my Mom tomorrow for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower.

The Bad: The littles {Ainsley and Abby} had fevers yesterday. Lee just wanted to be left alone and laid on the couch all day. Abby, well, Abby is a cranky, cuddly sick child. I've been feeling sort of heart heavy lately, praying this alleviates.

The Funny: Abby is now at the age that when I call for her she runs away as fast as she can. She also squeals while trying to run away, then when I catch her she thinks it is HYSTERICAL! Also, when she has a dirty diaper, she laughs at me when I first open it. I'm not sure if it is funny or not, but she CERTAINLY thinks so.


  1. so cute... these kids love the thrill of the chase, and it's amazing they ALL grow through that phase too! Our 20 mth old is now playing dead when I ask him to come to me or walk somewhere he doesn't want to. kids are such a hoot!!

  2. Congrats on 300! I'm glad you're feeling a wee bit better. Love your Funny for the week, my little does the same thing, it's really sweet. Little ones are such a blessing, even they can make a diaper change fun, who knew?!

  3. That is hilarious about Abby's diaper changing habit. I am sorry you had such a stressful evening the other day. Nobody likes those...but everyone has them. The kids were devastated we didn't get to come play that day. I can't believe you have had 300 posts...actually I can, you are so good at posting. I hope you are feeling up soon and that we will see ya soon too.

  4. Wow 300 posts and still going strong! I hope you have many many more! This is one of my very favorite blogs! Many times I have had a rotten day and have come over here and read something cute or funny and was able to leave with a smile and feeling a bit better! Thanks for that!!