Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a first for my kiddos

After Adison's FREEZING soccer game on Saturday {it was so cold and windy!}, I attended my soon to be sister-in-law's bridal shower.

My Mom came in town {as if I haven't mentioned it 1,000 time!}
We of course hit up some stores, Chipotle {yum} and Target.
We always have so much fun together and the girls were really excited to see her.

The bridal shower was a lot of fun, I can't wait for Joe & Betsy's wedding!

K and I decided to head over and visit his family Saturday afternoon, it had been way too long!

Poor Abby at Adison's game. The tear was because it was so windy.
The littles and I ended up spending the last 3/4 of the game in the van.
It was just too cold.

We had such a good time hanging, talking and laughing.
On Sunday afternoon, K's sister, hubby and their 4 kiddos came over.
It was a gorgeous day.
We bbq-ed and the kids ran and played outside ALL DAY!

So, on to my kiddos first:
Yes, we do live in the city but for some reason the ice cream man NEVER comes down our street.
Yesterday the ice cream man came down my in-law's street and the kids started screaming and yelling in sheer delight.

They came to a stop and all the kids instantly swarmed the menu on the side of the van.
All I could hear was:
"I want this one!"
"I want this one!"
"How about if you and I get matching ones!?!?!?!?!"
You would have thought that Santa was going to pop out of their ice cream they were so excited.

Adison was so excited.
Here she is waiting for her ice cream.
Could her grin get any bigger?

Abby had no idea what to think, she just kept staring at all the kids.

I didn't get any ice cream, but enjoyed watching my girls enjoy their experience.


They both had so much fun!

We had a wonderful weekend.
K and I were talking on the way home yesterday about how much we packed in to one weekend
I got to see both my Mom & my Dad on Saturday.
Epic score for me!

Then with seeing K's family on Saturday evening/Sunday, it was just a very heart warming weekend.
I love watching my girls run around and play with their cousins.

Now, we are back to home/life/craziness.

P.S. Adison lost her 5th tooth Saturday night!
She was so excited.
She raced downstairs holding her tooth like a prized trophy.
She yanked it herself, atta girl!


  1. aww that's awesome!!! Be thankful the ice cream man doesn't come down your street. My old place, the ice cream truck came down our street 8pm sharp in the summer singing Do Your Ears Hang Low? I wanted to hurt the ice cream man. Thank goodness we never allowed our children to get anything from him other wise we'd be broke from buying ice cream every day all summer long.

  2. I love the ice cream man! My sister and I chased one down the street just a couple of years ago (we were well into our 20s)for a couple of choco tacos! Hopefully your girls will one day be close enough to have so (little shame)much fun together at our age!!

  3. I don't know what the deal is but I never saw an ice cream truck in real life before moving to Overland Park, KS. And now I'm back in Iowa and I haven't seen one since. I didn't know they really existed until then, either. I saw I got jipped as a kid :-)

  4. Awww! Sounds like such a lovely fun weekend!! :) So many great pictures..I always love your photos!

    Also - how is it that your kids have experienced an icecream truck and I NEVER have - and sure, I lived in the country..but I was born in a city, and then lived in one again in university..and I've never experienced an ice cream truck. Up until now, I was pretty sure they were just something invented for movies and no one ACTUALLY got to go to a real live icecream truck. Now my heart is broken because..dude..I'm in my mid 20's and have never experienced such a thing. 'Cause as much as I'm not a HUGE icecream person (I know, I'm weird.) I enjoy a good popsicle. Sigh. Now I *REALLY* need to come visit you.

  5. What is it about the ice cream man that can make anyone as giddy as a little kid? Just seeing how happy the kids get makes me smile! Even if I have the same ice cream in my freezer, it's better from the ice cream man :)

  6. That ice cream man isn't wasting any time! He wouldn't want to come round where I live: we're all still wearing winter jackets!