Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I will tackle it AND own it

This morning I had a fun convo on Twitter with a couple of friends about owning today.
As in, "I am going to tackle you and own you Tuesday."
Today is a day for conquering.

For me, that means TACKLING AND OWNING the laundry.
I know that I have lamented about laundry several times.
But, somewhere along baby number three and something I like to call my-eldest-chooses-to-put-her-clean-laundry-in-with-the-dirty-laundry, I just kind of gave up a bit.
{Yes, I realize that my "baby" is almost a year and a half old, let's just go with it, shall we?}

So, I am going after that bad boy.
I am going to get it all done.
I am going to check it off of my list.
I will accomplish it.

Today, after the coffee was consumed and the doctor's appointment finished I resumed my owning of said chore.
I am not having fun with it, but it does feel good to get something accomplished.
Especially something that I have grown to loathe.
To check the little box.

It seems in life that there is so little instant gratification with work.
In my line of work {aka raising kiddos}, almost everything is done for the long-haul.
You work at raising your kids to be kind, respectful, productive members of society.
That isn't something that occurs over night, but rather over a period of time.

So today I will relish in that little check mark.
I wonder what else I can get accomplished.
BUT, if the mountain of laundry is the only major thing to get done today, I will still consider today a success.
After all, a check mark and a feeling of accomplishment should never be belittled.


  1. lol I owned my bed and my mom and grams cleaned my downstairs. Yep, today was a good one. now I'm going back to sleep. Glad you found a positive and owned your Tuesday! Let's not talk about the laundry :P

  2. WOOHOO! I'm glad that you are able to work on something to tick off! It's such a great feeling when you can start checking things off..especially when you usually keep your mental to-do lists in your head and you don't get the satisfaction of being like..I have *accomplished* something today. Even though you're doing the most important job out there!

    Goodluck with your mountain of laundry..that is by FAR my least favourite chore or thing to do around the house...I will take pretty much anything except! It will feel so great once you're finished though! WOOHOO! GOODLUCK!!!

  3. I hope you got it all done. I hate finding clean clothes in the hamper....grrrrr.

  4. You totally have to break your eldest of that habit! Maybe a hamper in her room for her dirty laundry? Is she just throwing it all in the dirty pile so she doesn't have to put it away? (that's what we used to do when we were kids, my mom would flip when she found folded clothes in the hampers!) Good luck! I know that must be frustrating for you! Glad you ticked that off your list!

  5. LOL, I owned the laundry this week too!!! I share your hatred for laundry...it seriously NEVER ever ever ends!