Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning in our house was a crazy morning as most mornings are.
I loathe them.
Simply because there is so much whining, crying, asking, begging, searching to be done.
I am convinced that there is a clothes stealing elf in our house.
I have the hardest time finding clothes for Adison to wear to school.
{I used to get her clothes out the night before, but have recently gotten lazy and don't do it anymore.}
{Also, I only pick Adison's clothes because she could care less, sometimes she gets them, sometimes I do.}
I have searched high and low and still cannot find shorts for my eldest to wear.

After getting all three girls dressed and fed and ready for the day we head out to drop off Adison at school.
I really enjoy our times in the car together.
Adison is at the age where she has really interesting thoughts on things as well as really poignant questions.
We have been listening to TobyMac a lot lately.
{Like we usually do.}
He has one song that really gets Adison and Ainsley thinking and asking questions about Jesus.

After dropping Adison off at school we normally go walking with two of my dear friends.
Today though was a big day.
Today I enrolled at least Adison in swimming.
I was really hoping to get Ainsley enrolled as well, but as mentioned yesterday the lady NEVER returned my phone call.
Anyways, {grrr} Ainsley IS old enough to participate.
She had to be three {yep} and potty trained {yep}, so woo hoo!
She was really excited about it.

Since we didn't go on our walk this morning {something Lee looks forward to}, I told her that we could go to Target for a bit.
There wasn't really anything I was looking for, but who doesn't love a stroll around there?
While strolling I found this:

Anyone had this?
I seriously had to fight my inner self to get it.
I am one of those people that I find what I like and I STICK with it.
So, my inner self was saying:
Danna, you like French Vanilla.
French Vanilla is good.
Why mess with a good thing?

But then another part of me was saying:
Who knows, you might really like Vanilla Caramel.
You COULD like it BETTER than French Vanilla.
Go for it.
Try it.
You know you want to.

Does anyone else debate themselves like this?
Well, I do.
I decided to go with Vanilla Caramel.
I'll let you know how it goes.

We make it home and I feed Abby.
It was nap time and it was needed immediately.
Later while making lunch for Ainsley and myself, Lee pops out with:

Mama, if you don't eat your food I'm going to call you a refridgerator.

I LOVE having a three year old!
They say the funniest and wackiest things EVER!

Prayer request:
There is a sweet little girl names Annabelle.
She had a heart transplant on Saturday.
She is doing really well, but would y'all mind lifting her up in prayer with me?


  1. LOL I love it!! call you a refridgerator lol

  2. I love all of the coffee mate creamers! Except the chocolate ones for some reason I don't like the chocolate flavors. My all time favorite is a holiday one they have by International Delights its called Vanilla Spiced Rum OMG heaven in a mug!!

  3. Vanilla Carmel is my favorite! Saying a prayer for little Annabell.

  4. That vanilla carmel looks delicious!!

    I think your clothes stealing elf probably has a lot of my little girls mis-matched socks because I have 1 for about every pair I ever bought.

    Definitely saying prayers for Annabell too :)