Monday, April 4, 2011

We had a blast and then got blasted

We had so much fun this weekend!
Friday evening came and we watched our darling niece for a couple of hours.
She melts me, seriously.
It was so cute to watch Cameron and Abby play together.
They also like to hug a lot which lends itself to further melting.

Saturday morning Adison had her first soccer game.
The sports park that they had it at was really nice.

Adison's team lost {although they don't technically keep score, everyone does though}.
She cried because the other team was laughing at them for losing.
I was trying to come up with some real good words of wisdom.
But then my Dad aka Silly Papa said,
"Adison, this just goes to show you how to treat the other team when you win a game."
Way to save the day Papa!
I was going with,
"They are just not being nice."

After the game we went to the car wash, this was pretty much Abby's expression the entire time, she loved it!

We had a pretty busy rest of the day.
Then we decided to take the kids to the park.
{Consider this your warning, there are A LOT of pictures.}
Adison pretty much bolted and found some kids to play with.
Surprised, I didn't think so.

Abby had so much fun walking around.

I actually got Lee to stand still for a second to get a pic!

Abby kept collecting things to give to me.

Wasn't that sweet of her!?!

I loved her face in this one and HAD to include it!

Adison is such an amazing big sister!

I love her!

Abby kept cuddling with K while they were swinging, melted me.
Go Big Blue, Michigan!!!

Ainsley's sweet smile while Adison was pushing her.


After the park we had some dinner then headed over to church.
Our Pastor gave the most AMAZING sermon EVER.
It was about eternity and the Biblical view of it.
Needless to say, after we left I was so excited and giddy and pumped.

Sunday morning after lazing around for a bit we decided to take the kiddos on a walk.
Then had some quiet time before heading over for Small Group.
We had an amazing time, I love everyone in our group!

After that we had a few errands to run.
While we were waiting at the drive thru at Taco Bell {oh so healthy, NOT!} K and I noticed some clouds rotating.
Yes, we live in Tornado Alley.
So, I called my Dad to ask if we were in a tornado warning.
He said that we weren't and told me what to expect weather wise, mainly strong winds .
No biggie.
Not 10 seconds after we hung up it got WINDY!
So windy that the car started rocking back and forth and there was so much debris in the air that it was hard to see.
While I was watching the clouds K and Adison saw a construction sign go spiraling by.
The temperature dropped 24 degrees in a matter of minutes and it started raining big, heavy rain drops.
It was intense.

As we were getting home we noticed that the bad weather occured by our house too.
Our neighbor's house lost several shingles off of their roof.
They were in our backyard and even up in a tree.
Some trellis work on our front porch blew off, into the street and destroyed.



Yes, this is what the wind did to it. Completely torn apart, it was all over our yard and the street.

I spoke with my Dad after we got home.
Apparently the winds reached 80 mph and a roof was blown off of a house.
I am just happy to hear that everyone is safe.

Now THAT was a busy, fun, crazy weekend.

How was yours?


  1. Sounds (and looks!) like you had a pretty nice weekend!!!! Well, up until the CRAZY WIND part - holy cow, batman..that's insane! Like, we get wind sometime..but nothing really like THAT..that's insane..I can't even believe it!!

    I'm glad that your weekend was good despite that...the park looks and sounds like so much fun! Hopefully the sun comes out this week and we can take The Babe to the park :)

  2. I love your dad's advice! I'm sorry about your trellis but thankful the damage wasn't worse. We had a storm like that here last year that blew our fence down.

  3. Wow! The park looked like so much fun but that wind seemed so intense, man oh man! I'm glad you guys are ok! Glad you had such a good weekend :) Those are always the best.

  4. Glad you had a great weekend! Wow that wind storm was fierce! Glad everyone was OK! That would scare the bajeepers out of me!

  5. Crazy weather! Your pictures are adorable! My daughter tried soccer when she was 3 and 4. She's normally a quick kid, but she was much too lazy to chase that soccer ball very much. It was fun to watch though. :)

  6. OH NO... so sorry... we got the same storm. We must not live too fat from each other =)))

  7. wow!! My hubby was in a tornado once and it terrified him badly. They had to hide in a bathtub or something like that.

    C used to "collect" rocks when he was that age until he was five. I'm surprised my pants never fell off from the weight of all lol