Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter and other randoms

1. Easter is quickly approaching.
We have been talking about the meaning of Easter as a family and explaining it.
Adison understands the importance and can explain things to Ainsley as well, big sisters rock!

My dear friend, Clara, made us this darling Easter count down activity.

How cute is this?
It's even pink, PERFECTION!

How it works is that each day has a scripture and an egg to go with it.
Each egg has an item inside that coincides with the verse{s}.

This year K is reading the verse and the {big} girls are alternating who gets to open the egg.
Next year Adison will probably read while the littles take turns opening.
This is such an awesome thing to do as a family.

2. I don't know if it is because it is Spring or what, but I am totally in love with blush.
{More in love with it than usual.}
My current obsession is a really pinky pink.
{P.S. Please ignore the dark circles/bags under my eyes, I am not sleeping well again. Blah!}

3. Abby is teething again.
Yes, her lone molar has been fighting it's way through for 2 weeks now.
The last few days she has been crying and crying.
Add that to Ainsley's current temper tantrums/sibling rivalry thing and we've got a lot of crying going on {them, not me...yet}.
So much so that on Monday night I treated myself to one of these.
It was wonderful and now I want another one.
{I haven't mentioned my love of cupcakes before, have I?}

4. Thanks to Erin {aka Daydreaming Fool} via Twitter the other day, I discovered that I have Wisteria growing in my back yard.
It smells wonderful, I wish it lasted longer.
Plus, I don't have to do anything to it/with it to get it to grow and come back each year.
This is the perfect relationship for me to have with a plant.

5. I wore this shirt the other day.
I just had to share because it made me feel pretty and girly.
I especially love that it is an unexpected girly feeling shirt since it is this dark, cobalty blue color.
I don't think that accurately describes the color though.

6. I have noticed this weird thing with coffee lately.
Why is it that two cups of coffee even from the same pot and with roughly the same amounts of milk/creamer can taste so differently?
Anyone else ever ponder these things?
No, oh okay, well I ponder them.

7. I have a confession to make.
I don't decorate for Easter.
Or really any other holiday for that matter other than Christmas {which I REALLY decorate}.
I just felt the need to get that off of my chest.
Whew, what a relief.

8. I am really annoyed with Mother Nature.
I started getting really excited, thinking that this year it might not be too cold for the sleeveless Easter dresses that they ONLY sell.
I started envisioning warm, sunny weather {with a slight breeze} and seeing my girls outside looking for Easter eggs in their festive attire.
Then Mother Nature decided that she didn't like my vision and has given us cold, windy, rainy weather.
Dear Mother Nature, that's not nice!


  1. So. As per usual - I'm way too rambly and have way too much to I'm responding to your post in the same way you wrote it..because I'm a dork like that..haha! Here goes:

    1. What a cute easter activity! Something so nice that they can keep doing for years!

    2. You're so pretty!!!! I'm sorry that you haven't been sleeping sucks :( Hopefully that will be fixed ASAP..blah! Also - I've never worn blush..I really don't know if I could pull it off/make it work..or what to do with it..but it looks so good and natural and nice on you!!!

    3. Sigh..teething sucks! I think that they should all just magically come in together and be DONE with it - seriously! The babe went through a few days of his first two bottom teeth coming through - and then the next week..a few days of agony as his TOP two came through..but now he's just like...I have four teeth and I am good. I can't believe it's going to keep happening and happening - I feel so bad for him! I'm glad that at least you got a cupcake to make it better..haha..I'm going to have to try that next time he's teething..may make me feel better that I can't do anything for a few minutes..hahahah!

    4. Haha - I'm glad I could help! :)

    5. That shirt looks SUPER CUTE! I love it! So springish! I need new spring clothes!

    6. I've actually been drinking coffee this week..whoa! I think that it often tastes different..but that's really really weird! Although this definitely sparked a post that I'm writing ASAP - Oh man. You'll know it when you read it! ;)

    7. I only decorate (really!) for christmas too. (SURPRISE SURPRISE.) My cousin LOVES decorating..and so I bought a few easter things at the dollar store and brought them home - and she was SO HAPPY and so excited..I swear..even though she's 30 and has a's the little things..haha!

    8. I've got the same hate on for mother nature - what a year..ugh! My cousins in-laws are here from South Africa and they cannot believe that we live in a country that is THIS COLD - LOL - I'm's SO MUCH WARMER then it was a month or two ago..LOL! They think it's crazy! But hopefully it'll warm up for the weekend..that would be nice!!

    Hope you have a great easter! Fingers crossed for great weather!!! :)

  2. I love the egg idea. How cute.
    I didn't even notice the bags under your eyes. Still didn't even after you pointed them out. So, they must not really be there ;-)
    I don't decorate for anything other than Christmas, either. And sometimes I don't even want to do that.

  3. Interesting. I found out that I went to the same college as Esther (laugh with us blog). She graduated in '95 (I think) and I didn't start going there until '96. You're right - very small world. I actually lived in a small community called Stilwell just south of Leawood, KS which is slightly east of O.P. But I worked at the Super Target in Overland Park. I loved it there and would go back in a heart beat.

  4. Love Love Love your Easter activity your friend Clara made. I like how is combines scriptures with somethings fun for the kids. I book marked your page and will be making this next year.

    Sorry you're not sleeping. You still look cute. I like your girly top. I am in need of some pretty clothes. My sweats and tee-shirt are comfy, but don't always make me feel my best.

    We are sooo ready for Mother Nature to cooperate too. :)