Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have been pleasantly surprised

I mentioned last Thursday that today marks five years since we found out that our Emma Grace had died.
I have been ten shades of nervous/sad/occasionally weepy about today.
For me, five years seems like a big deal for some reason.

I know that our little girl {and our other children} are up in Heaven.
That they are healthy and happy.
As Adison said the other evening, "Maybe they are in Heaven playing soccer with Jesus."
I like that idea.

I still had some trepidation about today, up until I woke up this morning.

I am happy to report that today has been anything but sad.
While I have thought about our dear girl, I cannot help but think how blessed I am.
I have 9 children.
Yes, 2/3 of them do not live on the Earth with me, but 9 blessings none the less.

{I don't have a good lead in to today's going on's so can we just pretend that I do? Thanks!}

I was excited to spend my day with my three little cupcakes today.
Adison was home, so we had to do some celebrating.
What better was to celebrate and be happy than by going on a special outing with my girls?

We headed over to an art museum that has an art lab for kids.
{I think I wrote about it before, but am not sure, if this is repetitive I apologize.}
Anyways, I had taken the little girls, but today was a first for Adison.
She is really creative and artisitc so I knew that she would have a blast.

Getting ready to head out.

They had this cool/weird/odd bird nest/house/thingy outside the museum.
The kids had fun playing hide and go seek in it.

One cute little bird.

Another cute little bird.

Abby had a blast playing at the light table.

The big girls doing some water painting.
Adison said that hers was a storm.
It was good y'all.

I think that Abby's favorite was the little sand box.
She spent the majority of her time there.

I was impressed with Adison's attention to detail and focus.

Ainsley had so much fun painting, she completed two of them.

Today has been a good day.
How has yours been?

P.S. I watched The King's Speech last night.
Oh my goodness, I LOVED it!
{Also, if you are unaware, Colin Firth is in it, sigh.}


  1. Wonderful blog, shows how happiness and acceptance comes with faith and time. Love you.

  2. I am glad that you had a good day Danna. Five years is a big deal. There was probably no better way to remember your Sweet Emma than by spending the day with her dear sisters.

  3. Aww what a fun day!! I'm glad you had a positive day instead of a sad one. Have you heard of the book "Heaven is for real?" It's got a great chapter about miscarriage and the little ones going to heaven. It's a beautiful way to look at it. Thinking and praying for you today :)

  4. I was thinking about you and your Emma Grace oodles yesterday..hoping that you were doing okay and able to find sunshine on such a gray day.. I also think that kids have the best ideas about heaven and all that jazz - so precious and perfect.

    I love the photos from your day out..what a great way to spend a day..lovely! They're so cute and full of loveliness! I love love LOVE kids artwork - it just captures..something that I LOVE! I fear that if I ever have kids..I'll never be able to get rid of ANY of it and just have a basement FULL of kids artwork..haha! My boss had big tubs in her basement with kids artwork...and would throw out certain things that she was's not THAT great..and I was like..IT'S BEAUTIFUL! ..and they weren't even my KIDS..ha! Oh dear. What do you do with your kids artwork?! I guess you get to the point where you really CAN'T keep it all - but I just love it all too much...haha! Maybe taking pictures and keeping a digital record on your computer is a good way to do it..ahhh! Why am I even rambling about this!? It's not even like I'm even REMOTELY close to EVER having kids..or needing to worry about this..haha!

  5. It looks like you had a nice day with your little ones! Anniversarys are important to reflect on and remember, I am glad today you found some joy in your daughters and the memories of your babes in heaven.