Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Easter hoppiness and today

On Friday after dropping Adison off at school the little girls and I headed to the store to pick up some Easter egg dye.
Lee picked out the dye.
You're not surprised by this either, are you?

Since Adison didn't have a soccer game on Saturday morning, we decided that we would dye the eggs then.
My plan went nothing like I "planned" but at least we had a goal and it got accomplished.
We decided to wait until Abby took a nap.
She wouldn't have understood and it wouldn't have been as much fun for her.

The big girls though loved it!
Adison really took her time working on her eggs.
Lee on the other hand wanted to draw on and dye as many eggs as humanly possible!
Adison worked on 6, I worked on 2 and K and Lee did 10.
Yes, we did 18 eggs.
I am thinking that I will have to double this for next year.

She was really into it this year and took her time.

Lee was fascinated watching the eggs change colors.

Pretty little eggies!

The glitter in the dye.
Looks pretty, didn't really work out how the box had it pictured.
Glitter + kids = fun not matter what!


Lee got a bit bored, here's K quick thinking craft idea.
It was a hit.

Adison's darling chick egg, she's so creative!


After we had our fun, festive Easter morning and going to church was nixed {Lee had super gunky eyes} we decided to have a fun family day.

Lee loved her Easter dress.

I walked in the living room and saw the older girls watching a movie in the laundry basket.
Yes, they chose to do this.
I don't get it but they loved it.

Abby hanging out with Daddy in her pretty dress.

Abby and Me!!!!

She wasn't really looking in either picture, so I decided to add them both, ha!

She's getting some really loose curly bits in the back.
{The picture does not do them justice.}

Abby and K.
The big girls were too busy hanging out in the laundry basket.

Okay, flash forward and Ainsley eyes start looking really bad.
They didn't look like pink eye, but weren't responding to the allergy medicine.
K and I decided to call the doctor's office this morning to get pink eye meds for her.
It had to be that.
So, she woke up this morning and looked like this!
Oh my goodness, my poor child looks like a zombie!

Yes, I HAD to run to the store this morning, but we were safe and I took the proper precautions.
Yes, we were getting crazy looks from people, her eyes really look that bad.
Oh and I got her some pink eye meds.
I HOPE that they start working ASAP!

Okay, y'all, I hope that you had a blessed Easter!
What did you end up doing?


  1. Poor Ainsley! I am famous for getting allergy eyes I hate it when I wake up and I have that zombie/pink eye look to me! Ugh. I hope she feels better today after getting the medicine in them!

  2. Easter Hoppines. You kill the best way possible..bawhaha!

    The egg dying looks like it was so much fun!! I can't wait for The Babe to be big enough to do things like that!!! It's still a few years off though..sigh! Although I did make him do xmas crafts for his parents for christmas this year...LOL - Can I just say that crafting and four month olds should probably not go together?! LOL - we had the whole place covered in a mess. But got some good crafts...AND he even signed his name on the card and picked out presents! :)

    Also - I've totally watched a movie in a laundry basket before...HAHA! So..your kids are totally normal. Or like me. Umm..I'm sure that they'll turn out not quite as crazy as me though. One can hope :P

    You're so pretty - I can see where the girls get it from! I'm glad you guys seemed to have a good Easter..although poor Ainsleys eyes! Aww! I hope that the medicine starts to kick in and she's feeling better by morning and you don't have to take her to the doctors :( That's just no fun..blah!

    ALSO - Is it weird that I feel like from reading about your life that I feel like I kinda know your kids a little bit? Like I could just be like..Ains! What's up! And we'd start talking about monkeys and glitter and roll down a hill laughing or something. Hahah - that could also just be my exhaustion talking though..LOL

  3. Love the glitter eggs, I thought about getting those but figured Kaylin was a little too young.

    I hope Ainsley starts feeling better really soon!! Poor thing : (