Friday, October 28, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Funny + a Halloween Party

The Good: this week FLEW by. Seriously, how is it Friday already? Such a wonderful question to be asking, so much better than, "Wow, how is it only Tuesday???" Halloween is upon us and the kids couldn't be more excited. Abby's costume fits, HOORAY! She is going to be a Pegasus and pretty cute one too, I will share pics probably on Monday. Adison has a school parade that day and I dress up the little girls for it too. Here is last year's post about it.

The Bad: hmmmm, I really can't think of anything other than this week was exhausting; wonderful, fun, busy, laundry-filled and EXHAUSTING.

The Funny: If you follow me on Twitter than you already heard the hilarity that was Ainsley the other night:
Good job daddy! Mommy, you didn't cook it, I'm not going to tell you good job.
Mama, I didn't get anything on my shirt. Know why? Because I'm a miracle.
Ainsley's Halloween Party!
Today, Ainsley had her first Halloween school party.
We sent her costume with her to school because the kids were going to do some trick or treating, she had a lot of fun.
By the time her party started they had their costumes off and were playing on the playground.
She was so excited when she saw Abby and I, I loved it!
When we got into her classroom, the kids immediately sat down to start their snack/craft.
They were going to make spider cookies.
Ainsley teacher was so nice, she even laid one out for Abby to make!

Abby was being really shy at first.
She didn't want to talk to anyone or have them talk to her, little stinker!

Lee was so excited to have Abby at her school, she wanted Abby to be wherever she was.
Abby was really into making the spider, too.

Here is a picture of the finished product.
It was super cute!
After the kids finished eating one of their spiders they then colored a Halloween picture.
Ainsley made sure that Abby was right there with her, she even got her paper and her crayon as well as making sure that Abby knew the rules.
After that they played pin the nose on the witch, it was so cute.
Then they had cupcakes, yum!

It was so nice to be able to watch Ainsley at school.
I was so impressed with how polite she was and how well she listened.
She did fabulously!
Way to go Lee!!!

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