Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well, there's a first

Ainsley stopped napping when she was about 2 1/2 years old.
She would nap, but would then stay up until 10 or 11 at night.
That wasn't working, at all.

K and I then decided that we wouldn't have her nap any more but would instead put her to bed at 7.
This worked for the most part.
She would go to bed when we put her to bed but was CRANKY for the later part of the afternoon.
It was such a better alternative though to her late night parties.

Since turning 4, Ainsley has been having a rough time.
Jumping up and down, screaming, crying temper tantrums
Stubborn refusals
Arguing with her sisters {namely Adison}
Turning 4 has just been a rough transition.

Today was no different.
She came off the bus fine.
Was happy and silly for most of the afternoon.
The naughtiness started creeping in though.
Followed by the sassiness.
Then came all out sibling arguing quickly followed by disobedience.
I talked with her AGAIN about expectations and consequences and told her she had one more chance to listen and then she would have to sit on her bed.

She made it all of five minutes before it started up again.
Ainsley, you have to go sit on your bed for a little bit.
Ainsley, I told you that if you started having a hard time again that you were going to have to sit on your bed.
Ainsley Faith, you need to go upstairs and sit on your bed until I tell you can came downstairs.

Upstairs, on her bed.

After a couple of minutes pass
Ainsley, you can come downstairs now.
Lee Lee...

She likes to jump out and scare people, so I was expecting her to jump out at me.

I never expected the sight that greeted me.


  1. Aww...poor kiddo! Four is!

    Or maybe it's the whole adjusting to school and trying to learn so much new stuff all at much fun is exhausting!

    Hope you guys had a nice rest of your afternoon while she got some (apparently) much needed shuteye! They're so cute when they're sleeping eh? :P xoxo

  2. Hope she's not up until 11 tonight ;-)