Friday, October 14, 2011


life rearranged

It's Friday!
This has been the busiest week!
Since last Friday two of my three cupcakes have had birthdays.
Yep, I am now the proud mother of a 9 year old AND a 4 year old.
Wow, time flies.

My newly minted 9 year old.
I cannot believe that just 9 years ago she was a fresh faced little baby.
Pardon me while I cry a little.

Then I see the face of this 4 year old and it just pushes me right over the edge.
Seriously, time needs to S-L-O-W down when kids are little.
She was and is so excited about being 4.

Luckily this one {with the blurry action shot and wearing her sister's shoes} still has about a month left until her 2nd birthday.
I am going to be savoring each and every day of the next month.
Then she'll be two, next thing I know she will be four and then nine.

Yesterday, Ainsley saw a commercial for Hungry Hungry Hippos and asked if we could get it.
Lo and behold, we already had it!
After picking up Adison from school we played.
The kids had a lot of fun and so did I!
{Those are temporary tattoos on Adison's arm, a birthday present from K's parents :)}

Last night Adison had her 3rd grade music program.
We were too far away for me to get a picture of Adison so I took one of the little two.
Adison did an amazing job!


  1. Oh how fun the girl(s) are into music!! Our oldest boys twin boys started playing the piano at age 6 and have not stopped yet!!!

    enjoyed peeking in!!!

  2. Hungry Hungry Hippos is a classic! I remember loving it when I was a kid but we usually lost the marbles...