Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hey look, it's Tuesday!

This picture of Abby makes me laugh, she was beyond excited to play with the balloons at my in-laws house.
She just kept jumping around and was so filled with excitement.
Note to self: When Abby is cranky, buy her a balloon
Abby + balloon = happiness

I mentioned yesterday that we visited K's parents to celebrate the girls' birthdays a little early.
They had the whole thing set up for a party, complete with a banner above the front door and a doughnut cake.

Adison's birthday is on Saturday and Ainsley's is next Tuesday.

Yes, birthdays and Halloween are pretty much all that is being discussed in our house right now.

Every time Ainsley hears "October" she says, "My birthday is in October, October 11th." 
Then she either tells me that she will be 4 {eek!} or asks me how old she will be.
I am convinced that she knows, just maybe wants to be reminded of how much older she is getting.

While visiting the in-laws we skedaddled up to Trader Joe's, K had not been there yet.
We bought some black bean soup that is supposed to be delicious.
We are having it for dinner tonight, I'll let y'all know our verdict.
Also, while visiting K got me some coffee creamer {because I am a weenie and can't drink coffee without it, hellllooo upset stomach and because he loves me}.
He surprised me and got a creme brullee and a caramel macchiato creamers, they are really good.
Now I want more coffee though, oh well.

My abs {or lack there of} are sore after my Tarzan swing from Sunday.
Such a sad way to discover how out of shape you are.
I'm blaming it on my last pregnancy, you know, the one that was almost two years ago.

Abby was simply precious this morning.
All smiles and silliness and joy.
She really is a delight.

This afternoon when I picked up Adison from school there was an ambulance out front with it's lights on.
I had a moment of panic and was praying to see my girl walking towards me.
{Yes, the rational part of me knows that the school would have called if something had happened to her, but the irrational part of me wouldn't let the rational part speak up.}
I asked Adison what happened and she told me that a girl fell of of the slide and hurt her hand/wrist.
I feel really bad for her.

The big girls are itching to do some Halloween decorating.
I don't usually put up too much Halloween stuff, but it should be fun.
Maybe tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


  1. awww too cute! Happy Birthday Ainsley!!! I know it's early, but that is ok :D Hey L turns 10mths on her birthday. :D

  2. A donut cake???? I needed to have been invited to this party.
    My niece's birthday is also Oct. 11th. she'll be 7 this year.

  3. I love those two flavored creamers! But you knew that! Sorry I have not been around lately been wicked busy! I am spending today catching up on all my friend's blogs!