Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So today you are 4

Her first picture as a 4 year old 
Holy smoke you guys, Ainsley is now 4.

Last night while I was tucking her in I gave her extra kisses.
She giggled and asked me why she was getting so many.
Because this is the last time I get to kiss you being  3 years old.
Oh, okay Mommy (as she giggled).

I can hardly believe it.
How in the world has four years gone by already?

Ainsley had school today.
She brought a birthday treat to share with her friends.
She was so excited.

Her teachers got her a gift.
It was really sweet.
They invited me up to celebrate with her and I was so excited to see her in action.
When I walked in the room with Abby and my niece, Cameron, her little eyes lit up.
She was so excited to show me how she does school.

Ainsley at school right after passing out her treats

Happy Birthday Ainsley!


  1. Awww...how cute. Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

  2. wow! Four already! Happy Birthday Ainsley!!!

  3. Ainsley and my nephew Benjamin are just a few days apart in age! I like the age of 4 they "get" the whole birthday thing more this year and are so adorable at this age.