Thursday, October 20, 2011

She ate it

Yesterday, after Adison's parent/teacher conference we took the kids out to get Halloween costumes.
Scratch that.
We took Adison to get a costume.
Ainsley decided she wanted to be Tinkerbell again this year.
Since having two older sisters and not even being two years old, Abby was going to wear one of their old costumes.

Adison has known for a while now that she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween.
Sounds good, we just had to get one.
While there though, I think Adison's infectious enthusiasm must have rubbed off on Ainsley because suddenly she NEEDED A NEW COSTUME!
Please please please!

K and I looked at each other, smiled and said sure, why not.
Lee picked out an Aurora {Sleeping Beauty} costume.
Shocked, aren't you?
ha ha

Today while walking by the costumes something stood out to me.
What was wrong with the costume?
Probably nothing...I should check.
The cat ate part of her costume.

Yes, I said THE CAT.
Ugh, so annoyed.
Not too surprising though.

This particular culprit has a history of eating things she shouldn't.
Plants, ribbon, string, ANYTHING PLASTIC and now Halloween costumes.

Yes, believe it or not this once tiny, precious kitty kitty is a Halloween costume eating fool.

P.S. I am NOT telling Ainsley about it.
She. would. flip.


  1. Is it wrong that when I saw the title in my feed list thing my first thought was Ainsley ate something she shouldn't? :) I guess I am still traumatized by the rock. My cat is a pain in the keester too he will eat rolls of toilet paper if i let him!

  2. I thought one of the girls ate something too!!

    Stella will be sporting the same Dumbo costume that her 2 brothers wore their first Halloween.(Technically this is her second but she was only 3 weeks old the first one!)

  3. No cat here but the puppy just last week ate a pencil, a Math compass, and the end of a flash light to the point that when my daughter went to turn the flash light on, it fell apart in her hands! I still have burns from last night, gluing fibers back in place with a hot glue gun after she tried to eat the carpet!